AZMP member Saint dropped the DINEGOD this past weekend and he proved to me why AZMP Is a team that should be on everyone's lists. I came across this tape this weekend when all the AZMP squadmates where sharing It all over Facebook. I came across this collective earlier this when the performers for the Tucson Hip Hop Festival were announced and these cats stood out me right away. It Is exciting to see that these dudes are shining both as a team and as Individuals. Saint Is the 2nd member from this team to drop a solo project Ace also dropped a tape titled Variety Show last month. Saint shows that he can also shine on his own projects If you are not aware of this dude I suggest you check out this tape and see how this god dines on the competition with his great explosive content. -Royal Cortez


The perfect way I can describe this project Is as banger after banger every track off this tape slaps. With DINEGOD Saint shows why his flow Is holy like the water that Jesus himself bathed In. Something that I love about AZMP Is that every member has that energy which gives you that left In awe vibe. With their solo and group offerings AZMP are making a point on why they are a top group In the city. If this dope collective of artists keep doing what they are doing they will join the ranks of great groups In the city If they already haven't. They are entering a league that Gldn Artist Group,Phat Cat Records, and Pack Money are In. This collective are basically the Tucson version of Asap Mob their style has a dark vibe but every track slaps! But lets get back to the topic Saint shows that he has the potential to be a huge player In the city with this 8 track offering. I'm not even going to front when I was hearing this tape I said "God Danm" like at least a few 50-75 times. Many people seem to forget that artists who are In collectives can also hold their own on solo projects and Saint Is the perfect example that It Is possible to shine on solo tapes. Its awesome to see that Saint recruited his team mates HP,Ace,Poetic Incline, and the one & only lava maker OTM. Before hearing this project I was not aware that OTM could also spit so its dope to see that he can make some great production but also hold his own when spitting flame emojis. OTM & Ace assist Saint In slaying the track titled Ninja Flex. The production on Ninja Flex reminded me a lot of something that Erick Arc Elliot would make and that Is wicked, this gem Is a track that gives you a "I just took some acid" vibe and what I mean by that Is It makes you hallucinate. HP jumps on Everybody Wants to help paint a picture of what everybody wants from him and Saint. I was honestly surprised to see that OTM didin't produce more tracks but the track that he did make a beat for which Is titled Didin't Cha Know is mos def a stand out. With OTM taking a backseat on this tape It gives producers Downtime,Console Code,Theo,Habeas,BSD.U, and Nor'ledges a chance to shine and they did exactly that.  Rare Is a track that stood out to me big time because It has more of a laid back calm vibe to It so It obviously stood out to me from a bunch of tracks that made me go king kong and pound my chest. Another track that stood to me from the rest Is BUKETS because Its a banger from start to finish and Saint has a great flow which makes the vibe stick out even more. You can check out this dope project on AZMP's soundcloud. I suggest you check It out and see for yourself why I decided to write about Saint's DINEGOD. 

Favorite Song:If they ain't dying for me I ain't rolling wit' em 

The reason this song was my favorite Is because there needs to be tracks where we just face the harsh truth everyone expects you to roll with them but their loyalty Is not strong and I believe this track symbolizes that. This gem features WK which also contributes to make this song awesome to hear. I listened to this song the most out of all the tracks on DINEGOD and that Is one of the reasons why I had to choose this tape as my favorite song. I pressed repeat a good 10 times the only reason I did not play it for a 11th time was because my phone died. This track Is a huge reason why I believe Downtime shined big time on this tape because even though he only produced 2 tracks they both stood out and have different vibes from each other. 

Rating:4 Crowns

DINEGOD gained a 4 Crowns rating from me because It meets every expectation I had. This tape has some awesome production which Is honestly guaranteed when you have a dope producer In OTM In your ranks. I also rated this tape high because Its a perfect balance of slappers and more laid back tracks which Is a perfect mixture. I see DINEGOD as the arrival of Saint and the potential he has to drop some awesome solo offerings. I appreciate how he kept the features as mostly AZMP members because it reinforces the fact that they are a great collective who have a bright future ahead of them.