8ohOX Review

Mc Big Meridox and producer 8oheight link up to drop one of dopest offerings this year. Tucson hip hop Is having a great year so many amazing artists have dropped projects so far and It Is barely late April! Cats like Cash Lanksy,Y Not,Doni, Woodro, Era have dropped some awesome offerings so far. Big Meridox and 8oheight have entered that list as the most recent artists from Tucson to drop a great offering. If you are a hip hop head who loves great production which Is porn for you ears and hard hitting bars which makes you have that stink face this Is the perfect ep for you. Both of these dudes linked up to create a awesome EP which will make you a fan of both of these cats. This project has the perfect name because It Is a mixture of both of these dudes stage names and that Is awesome. 8ohOX Is a EP which shows both of these cats working In Sync as they create a dope vibe which shows what Is best about hip hop and that Is great production with gritty bars. -Royal Cortez

This was a very fulfilling project which pleases the listener with Its amazing beats produced by Honor Roll Gang's 8oheight, The dope flows,punchlines and delivery that Big Meridox offers make this project a stand out In the modern day because you don't hear this type of music that much In a world that has thousands of Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Verts. Don't get me wrong that type of music Is very fun to listen to but what I am talking about Is content wise. I am a huge fan of punchlines so that Is why I listen to a lot of Fabolous,King Los, and Big Sean, It Is awesome to see Big Meridox showcase his punchlines on 8ohOX.  This 8 track EP Is one that which will make you a fan of both these cats who decided to link up to give us a great project to enjoy for decades. We are entering the age In music where listeners can not digest full body of works so Its awesome to see these dudes deliver a project which Is well constructed with a formula that many other artists will soon adopt. We are currently In the age where listeners can only digest small portions compared to the past,most hip hop fans listen to projects which are 7-12 tracks compared to the old 15-18 tracks. Ox showcased his pen game In the best way and that Is by shining on every track. 8ohOX reminds me of Run The Jewels In the way that how Killer Mike and El P linked up to create great music. That Is exactly what these dudes did they linked up to give us a awesome project. While you listen to this offering you will not get bored they keep you on the edge of your seat with every track that plays and ends. Every track on this ep serves a purpose and that purpose Is to show what 2 artists working together can create. Ox's punchline game Is deadly man I thought I died and came back to life a few times you would think I had a cameo as a zombie In the Walking Dead. When I heard "Gangster like dickies and fresh hickies." I knew this was going to be a awesome listening experience. Collab projects are rare now a days sadly but luckily cats like Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies,RetcH and DasH, now the newest addition to that list 8ohHeight and Big Meridox are keeping collab projects alive with their offerings. I'm a big fan of royalty tracks so when I heard Kings of kings man I murked out the production yells "I'm a king!" The way Ox tackles this song Is dope line after dope line and I'm not talking about lines of dope, but there Is a way that his lyrics and dope are similar. The reason his lyrics and dope are similar Is because they both are very addicting. A song that stood out to me heavy Is Villains the production caught my attention immediately. Villains Is the bonus track for this EP and It truly Is a bonus It has Recognize Ali and Substance as features. The Features on Villains contribute to make this track a standout because they all put In work with their verses. I see villains as the track where everyone Involved have assembled to become raps equivalent to a Villains Society that is not so secret. As a fan I hope these dudes decide to link up more In the future for more editions of 8ohOX because lets be honest 8ohOX 2 and 8ohOX 3 does have a great ring to it. You can currently check out this project here on wearebugginout.com and soundcloud! 

Favorite Song: 

My favorite song off this project was the first track which Is titled A Good Look. This jewel stood out to me because 8oheight's production has a awesome vibe which ultimately makes you get stuck In awe. The way Meridox raps over this songs production makes the listener think "This beat was made for this dude." That thought Is not just as this track was produced for him but In the sense that this beat was created for him like how mjolnir was made for Thor. Good Look was the best song to start this EP because It gives you that "This Is going to be special" vibe when you listen to it. When hip hop heads visualize hip hop they think about amazing beats which make you feel like you got hit by cupid's arrows. It Is great to see how Meridox delivers big In the way that he Is able to execute that 90s east coast vibe In the modern day.

Rating:4.5 Crowns

The reason I rated this ep so high Is because the listening experience for me was amazing. Every time I heard the next song I was Impressed they did not let me down with this ep this whole project Is fun to listen to. Something that helped 8ohOX get the high rating that It did Is the energy. When you see a great live performer you can tell they have great stage presence and Big Meridox Is a dude who has a great presence when you hear him rap on wax. This was my first time hearing Meridox and he impressed me with his delivery, he also Impressed me with the way he Is In sync with the production. Everyone that Is In my inner circle knows that I went though my "Real Hip Hop" phase a few years ago but every now and then when I hear projects like this my inner real hip hop head alter ego comes out. It Is rare for my other side to come out because not that many projects make that side of my come out so when I took my first listen to 8ohOX I knew I was going to nerd out.