Speakerbox Mondays Royal Cortez's song of the week:My Country by Supa Soop

Shout out to Speakerbox hosts V Riv & D Rezz for playing my song of the week which was My Country by Supa Soop who Is a artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He will be hitting the road this summer as part of the Winner Circle Tour which also features Reppa Ton and J Leel from Company FTL. I wrote about Rep & J Leel recently as I am covering this tour here on the blog. I previously wrote about him in a piece where I talked about my favorite albums dropped by artists outside of Tucson. Side note this gem Is off AWOL which dropped last year and It Is available on Spotify,Tidal, and Apple Music.  It seems rare when we do not read new stories about whats wrong with the country obesity,police brutality, and sheep. This song perfectly describes what is wrong with what is going on in this country for example we are more worried about celebrities more than the problems we are facing. -Royal Cortez


I am a huge fan of this type of music because It Is relevant to what Is actually going on and Soop amazed me with this Craddy Music produced track. This Is a artist who Instantly made me a fan of his music reason being Is he delivers In so many aspects production wise he always has great beats and lyric wise he Is always spitting dope bars which gives us many quotable lyrics. Its dope to see Soop spit what Is going through everyone's minds and I believe that tracks like My Country show his best qualities that make him stick out as a hip hop artist. Some of these qualities are his common man appeal and his song writing ability which makes his music feel so organic which ultimately Is very appealing to music lovers. I believe My Country was the perfect track to choose as my song of the week because this song Is talking about what Is currently going on In the United States. As I talked about In previous Speakerbox pieces I want each song to have a certain theme and this weeks theme Is basically being aware of what Is going on In the country. This song Is more for the hip hop heads than for heads that like turn up music. When you heard this song this past Sunday on the airwaves I know It stood out to you because you expect bangers from the radio but this song was chosen for a reason. The reason this track was chosen as my song of the week Is the way Soop approached the topic and held nothing back but went right to the point. This song Is a standout from AWOL which Is a project I recommend you check out. This song sticks out big time also because Supa Soop served In the Military at one point In his life. This track fits Into the concept of him going AWOL by telling harsh truth that so many people In the military do not want to hear because they are blinded by patriotism. Tune Into 99.1 this Sunday at 2pm to hear this weeks edition of "Royal Cortez's Song Of The Week" live on Speakerbox!