DRXL Heights drop No Conversations (Prod.Chrome Plated)

The three headed beast known as DRXL Heights dropped a Chrome Plated produced track titled No Conversations last week. Every time they drop something new this collective continue to grow as a unit and Individuals. This Phat Cat Records team show that their potential is obesse with this offering. If you are not aware of this group that consists of Carlos Capitals, Toro Gold, and Sam Rose you are missing out so let me get you acquainted to Tucson hip hop's triple headed monster known as DRXL Heights but they can also be called Ghidorah (google that.)  -Royal Cortez 

DRXL Heights dropped a slapper for us to slap so let me start this off by stating that this track Is more wicked than witches! The hook to this song Is addictive It will get stuck in your head and You will start repeating to yourself "No Conversations with you strangers that shit Is dangerous." When you listen to DRXL Heights you can tell how well these 3 dudes mesh so well as a unit and Its Incredible to see them in sync. This song Is very simple to describe catchy hook, awesome beat, great flows, and very pleasing to hear. No Conversations Is basically the anthem for when your In that "I can't even talk to these lames" type of mindset. This track is basically talking a different language because they are speaking from a feeling we have all felt in the past. With this track they show you why you should be keeping them on top of your list. I am positive that DRXL Heights will continue to drop high quality music which will continue to impress music heads and make them more fans. The future Is looking very bright for this talented duo and the question to ask Is "Whats next?" Luckily I got the answer for that question and It Is to continue dropping great music for us to enjoy. With the gems they have dropped so far I have a good feeling these cats have a lot of more dope tracks on the way.  If you have slept on Carlos Capitals,Toro Gold, & Sam Rose I suggest you wake up!