Goodnight Sunrise (Review)

Today is 4/20 many of you probably smoke the other half may not so I have a solution check this project out and get high off the great content this project offers. One of the first few rappers/producers I came across is a cat named Konshis Pilot. I came across him a few years ago if you are my friend you know one of my favorite artists from Arizona is the wordsmith known as Vee Tha Rula who Is also signed to Alumni Records. Konshis Pilot Is not a rapper but he is also a pretty dope producer I came across him when I first heard Bullshit which featured Kevin Gates and Expensive which featured one of my favorite artists in Ace Hood. He also produced Rula 2 standout AYY. If you are not familiar with this dude let me get you acquainted with a review on this awesome offering he dropped recently. When you listen to Goodnight Sunrise you will get the same feeling you get when you recieve the weapon you want from the mystery box in zombies. Konshis Pilot Is based out of Phoenix Arizona this is my first time talking about a artist who is from another city in Arizona so I'm going to make sure I go In depth with this one! -Royal Cortez 

First things first let me Shout out Konshis Pilot for dropping a great project which will be put on repeat for a good minute. If your night wasn't that good I have a surprise for you In the form of this review which will hopefully help convince you to check this project out! Something that I enjoy a lot In music Is when the vibe feels natural Goodnight Sunrise Is filled with organic vibes and at the end It ultimately boosts this awesome offering. One of my main goals as a writer for Is to write the best pieces than everyone else and to write about great music which helps people understand why I chose to write about that certain artist,song, or project. Goodnight Sunrise Is honestly one of the most refreshing projects I've heard In a minute because the vibe Is different from anything I've heard recently. I always like asking which songs or projects I should write about so when the hero known as Hero suggested this project I knew I had to write on it. When wearebugginout head honcho Smash Lames sent me this project It was confirmed to my mind that I had to review it. Lets get this started the first track Is titled Way and my god Is it fire emojis. Way Is the perfect song to start off Goodnight Sunrise It has some awesome production lyrics and great energy. Konshis pilots us through this tape with stellar beats quotable lyrics and songs that can be put on repeat for hours. I have to state this Konshis Pilot has a smooth flow through out this project and It makes this offering more enjoyable. The 2nd track Is titled Jerseys and Its the perfect song which lets this dude tell them that he Is done playing with them. Each song on this project helps contribute to make this project a perfect offering for one of the brightest artists In Arizona. Goodnight Sunrise Is great start to finish. Hello California Is crispier than onion rings and chicken. Hello California has some awesome production and his vocals make it very fun to listen to. Just like the sun Konshis Pilot rose to the occasion with a amazing project which will make him many fans. A track that stood out to me heavy was a song titled Corners which has Vee The Rula as a feature man every time both of these cats link up its magic. They create magic together like El Generico and Kevin Steen. I enjoyed how the hook to this song is more relaxed but when his verse kicks In he takes a more aggressive approach. If you have not checked this project out I recommend you check it out you will not be disappointed. You can hear It on his Soundcloud and I am sure once you listen to It you will press the follow button! 

Favorite Song: Way

I chose Way as my favorite song off Goodnight Sunrise because this track set the mood for me and It made me get intrigued to listen to the rest of the project. Way is my favorite song off this project reason being Konshis Pilot shines on this track heavy. How I Interpreted this track Is that this dude Is telling us what he came across back when he was on his way to where he is currently at. Once you listen to this track you will see why I chose it as my favorite song off this offering. 

Rating:4 Crowns

I am going to rate Goodnight Sunrise 4 crowns because Konshis Pilot Is the first artist from Phoenix besides heavyweights Vee The Rula and Sincerely Collins who has dropped a great project which made me a fan. This project has great songwriting and production which fits the vibe of his lyrics perfectly. I enjoyed how he talked about his daughter on a few of these tracks Its cool to see him embrace being a father In his music. You truly get to know him as a person on this project which Is truly a huge bonus. Many cats In music try to portray a hard ass image but vulnerability In music is great because than the listeners get to connect with you on a emotional level.