NorCal Nick drops The world forgetting, by the world forgot

NorCal Nick dropped a gem which is very awesome and makes you press rewind so you can appreciate the art he is releasing. A huge bonus of this dudes music is it is very relateable and his song writing is so good it seems like he is having a conversation with the listener. NIck is from NorCal as his name suggest, he is also a talented artist you should be keeping an eye out. He is one of my favorite artists at the moment because of his ability to create many dope vibes. -Royal Cortez

Something that I enjoy heavy about Nick is his ear for beats he always has some amazing production which gives his music a huge boost.He is a cat who has a rare style and as he continues to drop new music it shows in every song that he is developing a sound which is unique to him. Through and Through shines on the production he delivers a mellow guitar which lets Nick show what he is capable of and that is awesome records. I appreciate how his music feels so organic the vibe is natural and that ultimately puts him in a special lane. I've said it before and I am going to say it again you will not find another MC with his Sound! Something that I believe is missing in music now a days is a indiviual vibe so many cats make the same type of music so it is rare to hear a artist who has his own sound. He has been dropping music at a very consistent rate and he will continue to do so. It is amazing to see Nick feed his fans so often because it keeps them happy. This year NorCal Nick will continue to drop some awesome music as he has been doing for the past few months.