Soloist drops Interest [pt.1]

Soloist Is a trio that Consists of Doni Dan Louis and FanningSystems. Something that stood out to me Is that Doni and Don Louis are members of Adobe House but they also have their own thing going on. What they are doing is similar to what MelloHype and The Internet did while being a part of Odd Future. I would describe Soloist as a subgroup and Its cool to see that this trio are doing their own thing as well. They dropped a track titled Interest [pt.1] last week. This was the first song they dropped on their soundcloud and they are building a case for the most consistent unit they dropped a 2nd track titled Payout [pt.2] later that same week. If you are not familiar with any of these heads let me introduce you to the 3 headed dragon known as Soloist. -Royal Cortez

I been following Doni since around the time of this years Tucson Hip Hop Festival. I met him at a radio interview recording session which also had the young lyric killer known as Sui Blu and the DJ ambassador for the festival DJ Alias. I checked out all the artists who were going to perform so it was obvious that I was going to come across Doni's soundcloud eventually. I've written a few pieces on him but I haven't shown any love to his team because I haven't seen them drop any music and the 2nd reason being that I been writing on many other cats. Someone that caught my attention right away though Is Dan Louis when I saw Doni share some of his music I checked him out and he became my favorite member out of Adobe House. Dan Louis has one of the smoothest flows and his ability to deliver memorable lyrics made his music very enjoyable for me to digest. Dan Louis Is someone who I believe will become very successful In this and everytime I hear new content from him I am impressed. This was my introduction to FanningSystems and this cat Is most def different. Its dope to see that Fanning Systems Is also a producer who has the ability to Impress you with his beatmaking skills. Awesome production It gave me that backpack rap vibe FanningSystems did a great job on this track.  After you hear this song you will gain a interest In hearing more music from the trio known as Soloist.