Saebah drops Fxcking Up My Head

The artist known as Saebah dropped a anthem for all the times we have said "This person Is fucking up my head. Music that Is relateable Is highly needed now a days because lets be real not all of us are whipping foreigns and hooking up with models. He dropped a awesome offering which will be put on repeat for a long time. This is my first time writing on Saebah so Im going to try to go In depth as possible. I came across this cats music a few weeks ago when I saw Speakerbox share him on their twitter page. I checked out his music and enjoyed It. When I saw he dropped this track this past Friday I knew I had to write about it! -Royal Cortez

This gem has some stellar production Saebah delivers in every way he gave us dope production lyrics flow and replay value. What I enjoyed a lot about this track Is how Its simple but It nails the target right away with mean accuracy. Something that drags music down is when people over complicate it. Simple Is the best way to go because there is no hidden messages the theme is easy to understand so It makes It easier for the listener to enjoy the track. Big ups to Saebah for also producing this gem It Is rare to see a artist also make the production he Is rapping over so its cool to see that he has more musical talents. If your into listening to songs when you are simping this track should be at the top of your list to cry to. Lately It has become cool to listen to this type of vibe so If you are a fan of this style I recommend you check this song right away. I enjoy songs that are laid back and fun to listen to this offering met all my standards, It truly made me a fan I am excited to hear what he has In store for us this year. All of us have can relate to this track because we all have been there. Have you seen those memes when its a guy looking stressed and the caption Is "Glad I dont have a girlfriend because then I would look like this." If so and If your one of these guys in that position put this song on blast!