Speakerbox Mondays Royal Cortez's Song Of The Week:Almost Throned/The Landing

One of the first artists I connected with outside the city was a cat who goes by the name of Reppa Ton. He dropped a track that caught my ear right away titled Young Goldie. That track was the start of a connection. That gem ended up going on his album Thrii which he went on a tour for and he stopped by Tucson for that! If you are not familiar with this cat let me get you acquainted In the best way I know and that Is by writing about dope content which I believe you will enjoy. He Is a artist who was based out of Richmond Virginia but he recently moved to LA to leave his mark In that city as well. He Is also a member of Company FTL the very same camp that J Leel Is from. Who knows he might even come down to the city soon so If that happens you will be familiar with his name. Let me fill you In on why I chose this song and all that fun stuff! Shout out to Speakerbox for playing my song of the week! Tune In every sunday at 1pm they will play my song at 2pm you can check out their show on 99.1! -Royal Cortez


Rep Is one of my favorite artists outside of the city reason being that his production,flows,lyrics and execution Is smooth as hell. I'm not saying this just because we are friends but that feeling Is owed to his work ethic and execution. I respect this cat as a person he Is humble he Is not one of those cats who comes on tour and thinks he Is above everyone he Is down to earth and I love that . That Is one of the reasons why he made me a fan he Is someone who Is not scared to tell you your doing good and to keep it up. To me you got to be more than just a dope spitter If you are dope and cocky as hell that will make me annoyed not a fan. Reppa Ton will be a part of the Winners Circle which will also Include Company FTL's J Leel and Winners Circle Founder Supa Soop. The reason why I chose this song Is simple I connected to It because I feel like very artist can relate to what he Is speaking on. I believe everyone Is a king or queen we just have to be throned and that Is what I been facing the fact of almost being throned but not reaching that yet and It can be so frustrating. This song will help comfort you as you travel on this path to become king or queen. As my stage/pen name shows I believe strongly In being royal so songs like this are truly anthems for me. Being royal Is more than crowns It Is a attitude state of mind a lifestyle which revolves on being positive,working hard, and trying your best to reach your potential. The production on this track Is stellar Its relaxing and comforting. Who ever produced this Joint sprinkled this gem with fire emojis. How I interpret this track Is that when we are truly throned that Is when we land. Before I started writing for wearebugginout,I was just another young kid rapping Reppa Ton was the first head to have faith In me. A few months ago he put me In charge of putting a show together to have him come down that ultimately helped prepare me for the role I am currently In so If you enjoy the pieces I write you have him to thank. I truly see Rep & Wearebugginout head honcho Smash Lames as cats who believed In me when no one else did for that I am grateful. I believed this track was the perfect track to be named "Royal Cortez's song of the week" because It Is a song that can help you appreciate the path you are on while you wait to be throned. Many people speak on flying In music but the hardest thing to do Is the landing. Any person can take flight but only a few can land. If you are a fan of punchlines you will enjoy the Kanye albums lines! (I See you Rep!) This gem is smooth and refreshing for your ears. If you have not heard this track get to it! I'm a artist myself but I don't have much of a ego I'm a fan of music first so when I hear great songs I am not scared to give props to where its due that Is a huge reason on why I started writing for wearebugginout. This song is one of the most refreshing I have heard In a minute. Tune into 99.1 this Sunday at 2pm to hear this weeks edition of "Royal Cortez's song of the week" on Speakerbox!