J Leel Acknowledge Me Remix Edition Tape Review

As I announced on all my social medias I will be covering the Winners Circle tour here on wearebugginout.com and I thought the perfect person for me to cover first Is Company FTL's J Leel. FTL stands for Faded To Long and Is also home to Reppa Ton, Face Nation & RT. J Leel Is a exciting artist man this dude has great music and his style Is very fun to listen to Its that type of music you can zone out to. He released this project on the first of April I saw many of my peers from Richmond share this cover art all over Facebook and Instagram. Before mixtapes were basically a bunch of remixs you can check out early content from Fabolous,King Los, and even Ace Hood uses this recipe. Mixtapes have become original works honestly like albums content wise. It Is cool to see J Leel use a very cool formula and add his own twist to it. The homie Mac Doja was the dude that sent me this project before anybody. At that moment I knew I had to write about It because me and Mac talk about music alot so I trust his taste. Doja was right this project Is dope as hell and J Leel did not disappoint. He is a artist who formally resided in NYC but he Is now based out of Richmond Virginia If you are from T Town the name J Leel won't sound familiar but let me get you acquainted to the homie who is based out of Richmond Virigina -Royal Cortez

There Is many dope artists who will be a part of this tour & I wanted the first artist I covered to be from FTL. The reason I wanted to cover someone from this camp first Is because Rep & I were the ones that first started networking. We talked about doing some dope stuff and so far we have. This tape was my introduction to the vocal slayer known as J Leel he did not disappoint with this offering. On Acknowledge Me he shows a confidence as a artist that Is impressive to witness he Is completely In his zone. To my knowledge It was recently his birthday so I wanted him to be the first artist I write about as a birthday gift! He Is the perfect example of what a artist should be creative I love the way he is able to adapt to these different track and add his own spin on them. It Is amazing to see that he decided to remix other singers songs and do his own thing on them. I'm sure B Tiller & Chris Brown would approve of what this talented artist did with their tracks. This dudes vocals could charm birds and other animals like If his name was Orpheus. This tape Is a 9 track project which Is full of awesome remixes of dope tracks with a J Leel flavor. Once you listen to this project you will realize this project will have you feeling faded for to long. On his Soundcloud bio It states that he started his career at the young age of 11 that Is Impressive as hell. That also shows you that he Is a young vet and has been at this for a long time. It Is no wonder J Is so comfortable hes been doing this forever! Something that not many people know about me Is that I'm a huge fan of singers so when I found out Company FTL had a singer In their camp I knew I was going to be Impressed because RT & Reppa Ton are dope artists so I expected nothing but awesome content and with Acknowledge Me J Leel delivered big time. Let me say this If you have a girlfriend don't let her listen to this project because there Is a big chance he will take your chick with this offering! Just kidding guys but In all seriousness this tape is very impressive.  

Fun Note:

I first came across J Leel's music a year ago when he dropped a song with Key 1 titled Dirty Diana. I see Acknowledge Me as my introduction to his music because I actually studied and dissected this project.


Favorite Track: 

My Favorite song off this Impressive tape Is his Dat Night remix. This was my favorite track off J Leel's offering because the vibe was dope and I vibed to It the most out of all the other songs. I'm into more darker production so I enjoyed it more. Dat Night is originally a track by Chris Brown which features Young Thug & Trey Songz. 

Rating:4.5 Crowns

The reason I rated this album so high is very simple really, Acknowledge Me remix Edition made me appreciate this formula a lot more than I have In the past. He delivers In every way he adds his own spin to these tracks He truly made these beats his own. If you are a fan of rnb I am sure you will become a huge fan of J Leel. This Is the type of artist who Is rare to find because If you put him on the radio he does not sound of place. If you are a artist who is looking for a dope singer this cat should be at the top of your list! I gave this project such a high rating because he has all the qualities that I look for In singers confident, dope content, amazing vocals and the ability to do different styles.