M.U.T. drops Contagia featuring CBC (Prod.Rob Royce)

M.U.T. dropped a really cool track called Contagia if you are a fan of flexing music this is the song that should be at the top of your list to check out. CBC contributed big time on making this song very enjoyable to hear. This was the first song I have heard from these heads but I was Impressed, If you need new music to hear I recommend you check it out! We don't always need those all bars lyrical killer type stuff sometimes we need music to vibe to and I think contagia is a perfect song to zone to. Let me tell you about my thoughts when I first came across this track and more! M.U.T. are a group and their names stands for Majority Under Tyranny which is catchy as hell!  -Royal Cortez

This Rob Royce produced slapper was released on March 30th and I'm kind of upset that I wasn't able to hear it any sooner! This is honestly one of the most fun songs I have heard in a minute because it is enjoyable to hear and it makes me get in my trapper vibe! The whole track is catchy you will not get bored while listening to it and I believe that is something that is missing big time today in music. Rob Royce shines on the production the beat is lava man its like a pokemon used ember on it go get the fire extinguisher. This is the first time I have heard M.U.T. but after this song they made me a fan of their music and I am truly convinced that once you hear this track you will become a fan as well. This is a group that has a sound that I haven't really heard in Tucson and the future is looking bright if they stay consistent. Rob Royce is their producer and he has the perfect sound for this dope collective. This is a song you can bump at house parties and functions. Every cat in this song contributes to make this song what it is and that is a fun song.