Marley B drops Subtract visuals for #MarleyBMondays

The most consistent artist In the city did It once again Subtract Is his latest offering from his #MarleyBMondays and He does not disappoint! Over time you start to expect things from artists. We can expect great content from this dude everytime he drops something new! The same way we can expect weed songs from Wiz Khalifa and gang banging songs from YG we can expect awesome tracks at a consistent rate from Marley B. I started getting into his music a few years back when I heard one of his songs which was on Feeling 520. Monday used to be the day where I would be mad because I had school or other dumb stuff. Marley B has made Mondays very enjoyable for me because I know I can expect some wicked new content from him. -Royal Cortez

Every time Marley B and OTM link up I know there is something special In store. They are the rap equivalent R2d2 and C-3po because they are stars going through lyrical wars without George Lucas directing it. He is gearing up to release a project this summer which is produced by DJ Hoppa who Is a pretty underrated Producer himself. He will also be opening up for Tech N9ne later this month. Subtract is a short track but It is amazing to hear, It is short but sweet like my shorties. But in all seriousness every time he and OTM link up they are like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee because their styles mesh perfectly. They are a better duo than Maruchan and Tapatio hot sauce. He always seems to have something up his sleeve and that makes every new track he drops even more enjoyable. The visuals for this track are on point like a shot from Green Arrow. Dyllyn Greenwood of Blue Media Productions kills these visuals this is the first video I seen directed from this cat and he Impressed me with the great job that he did. I enjoyed the back ground of this video heavy because It was full of graffiti. In my opinion one of the elements that Is overlooked is the graffiti so it is cool to see it featured heavy In this video. If you have not seen this video I suggest you check it out and see what one of the city's Brightest stars has recently cooked up.