Chandler P interview

Today is the day that The Pain, Love, & Whiskey Tour hits Tucson so I thought It would be a great look If I conducted a Interview with the headliner of the show Chandler P. This show did not get as much as promo as It should have so I want to help push it as much as possible. Chandler P is a artist based out of Bend Oregon and Will be hitting Tucson for the first time today. Come out show him and his tourmates what the city is about! We talk about expectations for the show his tourmates and more. I want people outside the city to know that our crowds are really fun and energetic so it is always awesome to see new heads come down and rock with us!  -Royal Cortez

Q.) How many dates does this tour have?

A.) We have 28 cities total. We just did our 7th show last night and Tucson will be our 8th stop.

Q.)Where are you from?

A.)Born and raised in Bend, OR.

Q.)Which cities will you be hitting?

A.)We already completed all of our California shows, but we will be traveling to Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado,. Basically all of the west coast

Q.)Will this be your first time hitting Tucson?

A.)Yes this will be my first time, but most definitely not my last!
Q.)Who are your tourmates?

A.)My tour partners are Jared Dean & Orion Raines, The Clumzy Stonerz, DJ Skills, my tour manager Deandre Woods, and my photographer Brandon Haines.
Q.)What can we expect from you on April 12th?

A.)You can expect 1000% energy and a rage that you've never seen before! I don't think Tucson is ready to be honest.
Q.)Will locals be performing at this show?

A.)Yes there will be locals. I'm excited to watch everyone perform!
8.)Which locals will be performing?

A.) R3D, Royal Cortez, and Aske.

Q.)What is your goal with this show?

A.)My goal is to put on a show like you have never seen before and make sure everyone in the building has a crazy time.

Q.)What is your goal on how many people you want to attend this show?

A.)To be honest, I don't ever trip about how many people are in attendance, I just make sure everyone feels the energy I have to give out.
Q..)Can you give us more info on you rtourmates?

A.)My tour mates have been an extreme blessing. I don't want to go into super detail because you will see how much of a family we are when we roll through. They are my best friends and family!

Q.)Is the tour named after an album or project?


Q.)Why did you choose to name the tour as you did?

A.)The Pain, Love, & Whiskry Tour is named after my project I will be dropping when I get back from tour.

Q.)Is there any sponsors for this tour?

A.)Yes! We have Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsoring the entire tour, Findlay Hats, Barrels Bar, The Social, and AYA Marketing.
Q.)Why did you decide you wanted to hit Tucson?

A.)Tucson is the Clumzy Stonerz stomping grounds so it's only right we hit the city!

Q.)Which is the city you are most excited to perform at?

A.)I'm super excited for every single city and to meet the new and old fans, but I gotta say Bend and Tucson might be the littest all tour!