Benny Loc Drops Clouds

Havnots records Benny Loc recently dropped a dope project titled Clouds. If you are friends with me on facebook you probably have seen me share this tape and songs off of it pretty much since it was released. I met Benny a few months ago and I met him in person at the Tucson Hip Hop Festival when he introduced himself and his Havnots crew. I checked out a lot of his content and I was impressed when he dropped Clouds I knew I had a perfect reason to write about this dude who I genuinely believe in. If you are not familiar with the names Benny Loc and Havnots make sure you get familiar like right now! -Royal Cortez

Clouds Is a awesome project this is the first full project I have heard from Benny Loc and He impressed me more than a white girl with a fat butt. Let me tell you guys this cat has one of the cleanest flows in the city right now when I hear him spit its like candy for my ears its so dope to hear. He has a darker and slower flow which will probably make casuals compare him to artists Like Joey Fatts and Earl Sweatshirt flow and style wise of course. This project cracked into my favorites list this year so far. This project is very laid back with a very interesting vibe it gets you hypnotized as you listen to it. I have a good feeling that when you actually listen to this project you will fall inlove with it. This whole project is enjoyable you can bump it from beginning to end and that Is what I love the most about it! Clouds is a perfect introduction for people who are not familiar with the HavNot known as Benny Loc. This is a very consistent project which is fun to hear from start to finish. I enjoyed how many of these sounds actually have to do with clouds tracks like Clouds,FairWeather Friend,Son & Rain,Rainstorms and Weekend Forecast are all dope songs that contribute to make these musical clouds rain awesome vibes out on you. You can check this project out on bandcamp and soundcloud.

Favorite Song: Clouds

The reason I chose Clouds as my favorite song off this project is simple its the title track off Clouds and It is a awesome track all the way around. The production off this gem is beautiful its porn for the ears it makes you zone out and appreciate the song as whole. The girls vocals on this track are soul touching oh my god I love the way he constructed this track and I have a good feeling you will as well. This track Is stellar and that Is the perfect way to describe it. 

Rating:4 Crowns 

This was a great offering from the HavNot known as Benny Loc he truly made a good Impression on me and I am convinced that you will agree with my opinion! I am going to rate Clouds 4 Crowns because it has everything that I look for in dope project great production quoteable lyrics and awesome vibes. This is the first project I have heard from Benny Loc so I am not going to rate it 5 crowns because I want to see if He can continue to drop music of this quality in the future. I am positive he will earn a 5 crowns rating if he keeps dropping music on the level of clouds.