Era drops Drowning visuals

One of the most consistent cats I know is Era dude drops music at such a great pace its interesting to see. He is building up his case as one of the most consistent cats out there. Another cat that comes to mind who is probably the most consistent in the city is Marley B, I will be posting a piece on his subtract video later this week so make sure you check that out. But lets get back on topic this young one is shining in a era where all the music is repetitive and boring to hear. He is gearing up to bless our ears with a lot of more cool music. The Pack Money member mos def delivers a wavy track with even wavier visuals. Something that I have came to expect from Era is great music and man he never disappoints! This is the perfect mix of flex and mellow. -Royal Cortez

This jewel cracked into my top 5 favorite Era songs for a simple reason "Throwing up the T I rep my family" I love that line and so will you If you are proud of being from the Tuc! Everytime he drops a new track he shines more than the last time. Pack Money recently dropped a very fun tape titled Free Pack which he was featured heavily in. The visuals are off the charts man. This video was shot by Miggy and he impresses heavy with this amazing offering. I enjoyed how the first half of this video has a darker type vibe to it because I am a huge fan of cats like Joey Fatts and the beat reminded me of him heavy while I was listening to this. The 2nd half of this video has a more chill vibe to it a more happy "Come get up and lets get hype" type vibe to it. He dropped a merch line called drowning if I were you I would go and get some of that while It is available! How I interpret this video is the first half as a nightmare and in the 2nd half he wakes up. In the 2nd half he basically wakes up and says "Oh shit that was trippy I'm not going to let it phase me." If you haven't watched this video stop what ever the hell you are doing and check it out like right now! He is gearing up to release a new tape this friday so check out this video and see what you can expect from Era!