Deandre Woods of Trust No One Entertainment Interview

Many people forget that Music Is a business you need a very good team to be able to be successful at this, Many heads are not aware of everything that happens behind the scenes. People like Deandre Woods who I am about to interview are needed In this to be successful he is going to give us some details about what he does why it is important and put us on game about what he does. He Is the tour manager for the Pain Love And Whiskey Tour he will be coming down later this week on the 12th and will be at the Loudhouse this Wednesday. Many people are not aware of everything that happens behind the scenes so I thought It would be cool to get some details about what cats like Deandre Woods do. People who do stuff behind the scenes are overlooked heavy because they are not on stage. Most of the people that make things happen are the ones who are behind the scenes. -Royal Cortez



Q: What is the name of your company?

A: Trust No One Entertainment
Q: How would you describe what you have going on?

A:I do booking, management, promotion and marketing. 

Q:What is the purpose of your company?

 A:The purpose of the company would be to help the youth reach their dreams In the music industry.
Q:What are your goals for your company? 

A:My goals for the company would to be help break artist into the industry.
Q:What would you like to accomplish?

A: I would love to accomplish establishing my business as one of the best to ever do it!
Q:Hardest thing about doing things on the business side?

A: Hardest thing about the business would be missing my son at home when I leave for tours. That boy right there is my world.
Q:Easiest thing to do business wise? 

A:I would say promoting haha
Q:How do you prepare yourself? 

A:Staying consistent and persistent with everything 24/7.
Q:If someone wanted to do what you do what do they have to do? 

A:They would need to have passion for it and the drive. It comes natural to me! Hard question!
Q: If someone one Is interested In doing what you do what do you suggest they do? 

A:I would suggest they research what it is first.
Q: 3 most important things you do? 

A: Promote, Marketing, and Being genuine with my work.
Q: Why do you think its important to play the role you do? 

A: It is very important to know the business side of things because if you don't its hard to come up. 
Q:Who have you worked with? 

A:Rob Stone, RJ, Chris Webby, Mistah Fab, TYuS, and many many more!
Q:Where are you based out of? 

A:Portland Oregon born and raised as well!
Q:Whats something you think Tucson Natives should know about you?

A:I handle BUSINESS and if you want to expand I am your guy!
Q:Any artists from Tucson you would like to work with? 

A:I would love to work with any artist out there who are about investing into themselves and are serious about their career