Speakerbox Monday Royal Cortez's Song Of the Week:Letter to our youth by RG Uno

I chose this song as my song of the week because the past few days  I been thinking a lot about the past when I was younger and more naive. When you are younger you are not aware of everything that Is going on. When we are young we think everything Is fine and at times we all miss how everything used to be so simple. This gem by RG Uno brought that feeling to me with this tune It made me think about my youth and how I miss the past. This jewel Is a awesome song Uno Is speaking to the youth and It is enjoyable to hear. -Royal Cortez

I listen to a lot and I mean a lot of music every day most of my days consist of me studying music because I want to improve as well. When I choose a song of the week I want it to be deeper than "Its a dope track that Is why I chose It" I want a solid reason on why I chose it a message a theme etc. How I Interpret this track is basically Uno speaking to the younger heads and putting them on game about how life can make you a product of a stolen youth. This hook is very direct. Have you ever seen tv shows and movies when a older head Is giving advice to a younger Individual? This is the rap equivalent of that and that Is awesome. I been following RG Uno for a second and seeing his growth as a artist Is a blessing. I'm a big fan of this cat because he Is not In one specific lane he Is diverse as hell and It makes his music fun to listen to. I'm a big fan of bangers and slappers basically music you can vibe out to but I believe music with a message always holds a bigger place In my heart. This type of songs are needed heavy now a days because the youth Is getting stolen by negativity,depression,hard drugs, and a bunch more unfortunate factors. This Clumzy Stoner is for the kids like Wu Tang! The flow he uses on this track is flames slow steady and Its just amazing to hear. Music Is medicine for the soul and this Is the perfect song to use as a cure to your damaged soul! If your asking "why do they want to tear down the youth?"  This Is the song that you need to listen to. Make sure you tune In this Sunday at 2pm on 99.1 to hear my song of the week on Speakerbox!