Y-Not Drops Like Dat Video

If you are a rap battle fan the name Y Not might sound familiar but If you are a fan of rap battle league KOTD that name will be ring a bell. For anyone that dosen't know Y Not Is a Tucson artist that dropped Gifted Mind last month earlier this week he dropped a visual for "Like That" off that very same album. I will be posting a piece about Gifted Mind soon but for now read my thoughts on his Like Dat visuals. If you are not familiar I recommend you check out his battles on KOTD. If you have a music taste similar to mine I'm sure you will become a fan of Y Not. -Royal Cortez

What I enjoyed heavy about this video the most Is how he is speaking that shit. I enjoy songs which are talking about what I'm thinking In my head and I'm sure you do as well. His lyrics are enjoyable in this track because he Is speaking what everyone Is thinking. He is talking about how some cats don't got It like that. We all hear certain songs when artists say they are cruising in expensive cars & piping on the baddest girls but truth Is they ain't got It like that! He is speaking on where is the money & chains that certain cats claim they have but like he said "You ain't got It like that bruh." This track is very fun to listen to and If I were you I would check It out like Right now! The visuals are amazing when I was watching this video my thoughts were "This video is clean as hell." I really enjoyed a lot of the locations he shot the scenes at places like him walking by the Rialto theater that was dope. I also enjoyed him walking through a passage bridge I'm not sure how to describe the structure but that was a cool visual.