Marley B Mondays: One

One (Prod.OYSM) 

Marley B has been dropping some really amazing tracks these last few weeks on Monday Afternoons. One produced by OYSM is his latest offering in his on going series and It is mos def a track that I recommend you check out. He recently announced a ep entirely produced by DJ Hoppa! Appreciate greatness while he Is giving you guys so much dope content to keep you happy while we wait for him to drop that EP! I'm beyond excited to hear it and so should you! -Royal Cortez

When I woke up Monday morning I woke up like "Danm its monday I'm not trying to go to school today" Then i remembered It was Monday so I got excited to see what Gldn artist group's Marley b had in store for us. When I checked out One when I was eating my first thoughts were "God ol mighty this is to smooth." If Marley B hasn't already established himself as Tucson's most consistent artist I truly believe he Is proving that right now every Monday. He has been dropping so much Quantity with so much quality so Its awesome to see a Tucson artist with such a strong work ethic. I have always appreciated workhorses because those are the type that Inspire me so its dope to see Marley working hard. It is barely Wednesday and this is definitely a candidate for my song of the week on SpeakerboxX at 99.1 this Sunday. This track is going to be hard to top because the vibe is very addicting this is a track that can be replayed a Infinite amount of times. One is probably my favorite track that Marley B has dropped so far and I'm sure it will make a huge Impression on you. This artist is one of the elite talents in the city and he continues to prove so by dropping awesome records with addicting vibes. He also performed at the Tucson hip hop festival If you did not get the chance to check him out I recommend you check him out March 17th at Cash Lansky's release party or at Gldn Party on March 18th.