Jay P Alonso - Verbs

I met this artist at WRMX radio when Smash Lames took me there to see a interview for artists who would be performing at the Tucson hip hop festival. I was able to catch his set and it was really cool to see him do his thing. Ever since I heard this song when the hosts over at WRMX played this track I knew at that moment that I had to write about this track. Jay P Alonso Is someone I'm excited to see what he has In Store. Verbs Is a track off of Audio Files Nine which will be dropping this year. I'm going to introduce you to this awesome artist so when that project drops You will be familiar with the name Jay P Alonso. -Royal Cortez

I personally love the name of this song Verbs It just has a awesome name and I enjoy that heavy. This song Is really dope I enjoyed it a lot for many reasons one being that he Is just rapping his thoughts and that is dope. Once you hear this song I am sure that you will get excited to hear more of Jay P Alonso and luckily he will be dropping a project later this year and I am beyond hyped to hear what else he has to offer! I've had the chance to chop it up Jay P Alonso and he really knows what he is talking about. Right now he Is not that well known as other Locals In the city but I am sure he will make a name for himself when he drops Audio Files Nine. This specific artists just has a really laid back vibe and that makes his music really enjoyable.