Cortez Song Of The Week

Cortez Song of the week on SpeakerboxX 

This is the first edition of My collab with SpeakerboxX which will be called "Cortez's Song of the week." This collab will basically me telling the good hosts of SpeakerboxX which track is my song of the week! In my opinion SpeakerboxX & Kpyt are probably the dopest radio stations in Tucson because they support local music and have great music taste! SpeakerboxX's playlist is 25% local hip hop! -Royal Cortez

Growing up I wasn't really aware that there was many local stations showing love to the local scene. There is many reasons for that one being I was young and just was not exposed to these other radio stations. I started getting exposed to these type of radios last month when visionary/founder Pike Romero aka Smash Lames started taking me to these radios to see how magic happens. At the Tucson Hip Hop Festival the hosts of speaker boxX V Riv x Drezz and I chopped it up about doing a collab so this is the first edition! Something that I really enjoy about SpeakerboxX is that their playlist is 25 percent local hip hop which is amazing! 

Cortez's Song of The Week: 

R3D - Different Attitude 

The reason I chose this song is because I felt like every person and artist alike can relate to the message. Over time we all grow and evolve like pokemon. Many artists can understand what R3D is talking about on this song because over time our attitudes change. A Major reason I chose this song is because this was a track that was played on EDs hip hop show over on Kpyt at 100.3. This is the artist that was interviewed this past Wednesday over there ED played 3 of his songs and even had him Freestyle on air! I wanted this to be the first song to get played for the 1st edition of Cortez's song of the week reason being it symbolizes the Different Attitude that I am having. My new attitude is one which Is me wanting to help out locals in my city get more recognition by getting them more out there so casuals can realize how much awesome talent we have in Tucson. The good hosts over at speakerboxX will be the ones playing a song of the week and I will follow that up by writing a piece or 2 so we can get some dope names more out there! I Enjoy this track heavy because the beat energy and most importantly reason being is it is relateable. I know I am not the only person who enjoys listening to music that I can relate to. My main goal with this segment is to expose you to awesome artists & then follow that up with a piece talking about why I chose this song. Another reason I chose this track is because he just got played on the radio last Wednesday and Im sure there wasnt some people who could listen so I wanted to give those people a chance to listen to it! I am beyond grateful that it was SpeakerboxX to play this song which will be the first of many! Make sure to tune in next Sunday to hear "Royal Cortez's Song of the week" on SpeakerboxX at 99.1 Downtown Radio! 


R3D pronounced as RED.