KOTD Hero Vs TK battle review

Something that I believe is a lost art is battle rap. Battle cats are usually the ones who have the best punchlines, so I usually always check out battles to hear some dope hard hitting bars Im very glad to see that artists from the city our holding us down on the rap battle scene. Now we have another artist from Tucson holding us down and his name is Hero. The other cat holding us down on the battle rap scene goes by the name of Y Not. This is my first piece on a rap battle so which better way to debut a battle rap piece with one that features a cat from Tucson. -Royal Cortez

This battle was very hard hitting both of these  dudes came prepared to get a W. It is awesome to see Hero hold down the city on one of the biggest rap battle leagues in the world right now. Both of these cats are from the desert so when both of them brought bars dipped in fire I was not surprised. This battle had a awesome energy both of these cats where coming at each others necks like Tom & Jerry. This battle is raps equivalent to Batman vs Joker, This is raps equivalent to the Nuggets vs the Knicks. These cats show what a rap battle is their pens clashing & dope punchline after dope punchline. Hero is Tucson rap's equivalent to Hal Jordan hes our hero because he is from our city. TK in this battle is Tucson rap's equivalent to Sinestro hes the villain battling our hero. These dudes are like Captain America and Red Skull clashing they are coming at each others necks. This could have been like the death of superman the hero getting killed by doomsday but its more like Clark Kent defeating Lex Luther. I am not going to state my opinion about who I think won because Itll make me look bias but seeing someone from my city hold it down for us is awesome. I suggest you check this awesome battle out and see why I wrote about it. Both of these dudes shine and when TK was throwing some amazing shots the way Hero bounced back with ease proved hes more like Luke Cage. Hero slayed the dragon like Iron fist.