Unannounced and Dev Athens drop Lonely Mind

Local brother duo Unannounced dropped a dope song together titled Lonely Mind 2 weeks ago. This song is very a dope gem and it is awesome to see brother duos create cool records together. Brother duos are rare now a days so its cool to see that there is a duo like this in our city. Think of a great duo like Clypse it is not often to see brothers doing music together so it is cool to see. This duo are not as known as other locals but let me put you on game and tell you why you should check this song out. -Royal Cortez

This gem was produced by Unannounced and It is very simple but sticks out big time. I appreciate this gem heavy because it is a song that is very enjoyable. Both of these dudes shine heavy the way their flows mesh is a prime example of how good a duo can become if they are in sync. In the 90s there was many dope duos like Outkast,Mobb Deep,BlackStar, Gangstarr, & UGK. Now a days artists are very selfish so they forget 2 3 4 5 or even 6 heads are better together than 1. These dudes alongside Kings Over Squares and The Kxnnedys are showing how duos are still capable of creating amazing records. I want to say these dudes are like Green Lantern and Green Arrow together because they are tackling this together as a team and that ultimately works out in their favor. These dudes are like the rap equivalent of Booster Gold And Ted Kord's Blue Beetle. This song has a really awesome vibe their flows work together they are a perfect mixture like milk and chocolate. As they continue to drop new music they keep growing as indivuals and as a duo. I believe the future is looking very bright for both of these dudes. If you have not heard of these dudes I recommend you get familiar soon. I am hoping this is the year we get a few projects from these cats as a duo and as individuals.