Don't Try This At Home (Stream)

Era & Handicap Hustla deliver a dope song to listen to while you stunt. I came across this track when Era shared it I enjoyed the vibe its catchy enjoyable and makes you get excited to hear more of their work. I been following Era before I started writing for I was always a fan of this dude because we are around the same age and he creates dope music. When I realized he had a team of spitters it got me intrigued. I checked out the artists that are on Pack Money's Soundcloud page and I was not disappointed. This group is overlooked in Tucson and many casuals are not aware of these cats so let me put you on game! -Royal Cortez

Everytime Era drops a new track I check it out because its inspiring to see a young head to drop gems reason being it makes me want to step up my game. These dudes are a formidable duo they released a awesome song that you should check out. Dont Try This At Home is a song you can can vibe out at parties and cruise to. Many people overlook these type of tracks because they sleep so let me show them why they should wake up. I believe that this year Pack Money will shine as individuals and as a collective. Cats that are young dedicated talented and hard working are a dying breed so its good to see these dudes set a example by stepping up to the occasion. These are young ones trying to conquer their eras and hustle music till they are handicaps. This gem will not be out of place in radio rotation so that is a huge bonus for this song. If you are a cat with a team of artists you believe in this could be your anthem. This is Pack Money's foreshadowing of them taking over the city.  This is a very dope duo think of Luke Cage and Iron Fist in the comics.