The song that made me say Oh My Goodness

The name of this piece is pretty much self explanatory this song will make you say Oh My Goodness because it is a fun track, it is also very enjoyable to hear and shows why you should get behind EZ Goin. Last week I was scrolling down my newsfeed looking forward to my spring break I was excited to hear that new Marley B and then I noticed he dropped a new song. I checked it out right away while I had data & I was not disapointed. This song is a perfect example of why I included him on my piece about 5 Tucson artists you should be keeping an eye out for. Ok I might be a little bit bias because we have the same first name, I'm just kidding but in all seriousness if you have not heard this song let me explain why you should check it out! -Royal Cortez

You know how they say music Is medicine for the soul? I believe that Oh My Goodness is basically porn for your ears. Everything on this track make it porn for your ears the interesting production,how he is able to mix some singing and rapping together. Rapping and singing is a perfect fusion its a better combination than punches from Ali. This fusion is greater than hotdogs with bacon wrapped around. This fusion is greater than Goku and Vegeta when they do the fusion dance!  He Is a pretty diverse cat he is able to sing a really catchy hook while following that with dope verses. I believe everybody can enjoy this song especially us males because we all have been at that point where we come across a girl and tell ourselves "Oh My goodness." This song will probably be put on repeat heavy by the girls because we all know that women enjoy songs like this. Don't get it twisted about my previous statement everyone can play this song because it is a dope record. I enjoyed this song heavy because the singing he did on here was really dope. Also who ever created the cover art did a great job. He continues to shine on every song he drops and the future is looking very bright for the Tucson native. You know those songs that make you say "Oh My Goodness." This is that type of song. Check it out if you have not had the chance to already!  I truly believe by the end of the year he will be more appreciated so I suggest you get goin to checking him out.