Elias drops Too Bad (Featuring.Woodro)

A artist who I believe is very unique and dope in the scene is Elias. He is a rare artist because so far I have not heard any male singers that are strictly focused on singing. This is a really dope record which features a really talented artist by the name of Woodro. If you are looking to hear cool collabs between rnb singers and rappers this is a song you should totally check out! Let me put you on game and tell you why you should check this song out! -Royal Cortez

Too Bad's genres on Soundcloud are RNB & Soul to be honest I have to agree with that because normal rnb does not have this type of soul. This jewel will not be out of place in the late 90s or early 2000s. BV Beats totally shines on the production side of things because this cat produced a really dope beat with a throwback type vibe. Elias and Woodro linked up to create a really amazing song for you guys to enjoy. Do you ever go through nights where you tell yourself "Im going to be alone forever" this is a song you can bump and remind yourself "Its to bad because they are missing out." Woodro and Elias are like Han Solo & Chebacca on this track they work perfectly together so It is exciting to see them link up. They also collabed on a song titled Late Lunch off Woodro's Distant But Still Here project he released last month. They are like Bert and Ernie actually no scratch that they are like Scooby Doo and Shaggy but what I am getting at is that they are a very great duo. Hopefully they keep on working together and continue dropping awesome records for us to enjoy. Elias shines on this gem because his singing is dope as hell. Both of these cats shine on this track and show why you should be keeping tabs on both of them.