Speakerbox Mondays. Song of the week Champ (Prod.DJ Q)

I chose this gem for a simple reason last week was Phat Cat week here on wearebugginout.com. He recently dropped a song called Blue 100s along his DRXL Heights teammates Sam Rose & Toro Gold which i recommend you check out as well. This song is fun to listen to, you can vibe out and zone out to his flow which at the end elevates his energy. Carlos Capitals Is a artist that continues to drop music at a consistent rate so it is exciting to see him continuing to drop dope records. If you are not familiar with him let me get you familiar! -Royal Cortez

Carlos Capitals dropped this song last month I was listening to many of his older songs last week after I wrote about Blue 100s. This jewel is fine and rare like Dom Perignon Rose. If you a fan of drinking Champagne this should be the song you listen to as you drink away. The talented DJ Q produced this song. Something that intrigues me about this dope producer is his name what does Q stand for? Could it be quality or quotable because he is always giving us dope production with high quality with rappers that always deliver quotable lyrics. DJ Q & Carlos Capitals can basically be Tucson hip hops Kobe & Shaq because everytime they link up they deliver dope content. Q gave Carlos the Alley oops and he delivered multiple dunks! He dunked on every aspect flow,vibe, & quoteable lyrics which ultimately just make the song a 100 times more enjoyable. This song is more sharp than Ray Allens shot. When you listen to Champ you will vibe out to the awesome production and his crispy flow. I enjoy how he delivers a dope vibe on this track the energy on this song is really awesome. As Carlos Capitals continues to drop records the future gets brighter than stars at night. If you have not heard this song I highly recommend you do. We need music that is fun its cool to have lyrical music don't get me wrong but we need music that we can cruise to,drink to, and party to. He is a perfect example of a artist who can really spit awesome bars but he could also create dope records which will not be out of place on the radio so at the end it makes him a needle in the haystack.