The Cool Table Review

A album I been looking forward to hearing has been The Cool Table by Cash Lansky. After this album when you talk about top 5 artists in the city he is someone that should be brought up every time that topic is brought up! He has a very dope energy as a person and as a artist when you listen to his music he is someone that can help you get through life with his art. This album has a awesome vibe, this is dope content which will make you get goosebumps. This has been a project I been excited to hear since I first heard S.E.E. which actually just turned 1 a few months ago. If you haven't heard of Cash Lansky let me get you familiar with this piece about what I enjoyed this album and more. -Royal Cortez 

When I listen to this dudes music I try to think of which adjectives I can use to describe his art but in all honesty rare is the best word to use. This album Is dope it has its own vibe its own energy and I believe you wont find another project with its vibe. The Cool Table has 11 songs which if you didin't know 11 symbolizes master, so what I saw it as is Cash Mastering what rap is on this album. Have you ever got that feeling when your listening to music and your left in awe? You will get that feeling when you listen to this album. This was a very well constructed album because any of the songs can be top contenders to be your favorite song. 2 albums I was excited to hear on March 17th where Rick Ross's Rather You Than Me and The Cool Table. There is no filler tracks on this project and that Is a huge bonus. I enjoyed this album heavy reason being the production Is so god danm stellar and because he shines brighter than the sun. I see Cash as a prime example of someone that other local artists should look up to because you can see how much effort he puts into his music. In my opinion That is admirable and inspiring for fans of awesome music. When I heard him perform material off this album at the Tucson Hip Hop Festival it instantly got me hyped because the energy I felt was dope so I k new this was going to be a awesome album. If you are going to drop an album this year your going to have a hard time topping this one!  If you are a casual fan and you are looking into exploring dope local music Cash Lansky should be at the top of your list after dropping this dope album. You can stream this album on Spotify and buy it on Itunes. 

Favorite Songs- 

Found A Way. 

One of my favorite songs off this album is Found A Way which features his Gldn Artist Group teammate Marley B. This is one of the songs that he performed at the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, It stood out to me heavy because the production is fire emojis. Who ever produced this song deserves a producers version of a grammy. This gem stood out to me reason being I enjoy hearing both of these dudes on the same track the way their styles mesh is dope to hear. They feed off each others energy so that ultimately makes this song even more enjoyable. 

Lagunitas & Adidas.

I fell in love with this song because it was constructed so well. This jewel has a bunch of dope quoteables which makes it very fun to hear. Have you been craving a dope song to cruise to, vibe to, or smoke to? Listen to this song put it on repeat and pay attention to the vibe. Think about the energy you are getting as you hear it play out. You will be able to feel that energy right away that you are listening to something special. This songs production is stellar. I recommend you check this track out and vibe to it dont skim through it listen to it and let yourself zone out to this song.


I actually chose this gem as my song of the week for Speakerboxx on 99.1. The reason why I enjoyed this song so much is because it is just an awesome and fun track to listen to. Juice means power if you are not aware so when you listen to this track you can do anything and feel powerful while playing it. If you have not seen this song live you are missing out big time! This song shows how Cash is unpredictable like Bishop and that makes this song even more exciting. Like I said earlier in this piece when you hear this song play you can tell you are listening to something special. If you have been sleeping on Cash Lansky I suggest you wake the hell up! 


5 Crowns reason being this is a fun album with many stand out tracks that will make you appreciate this artist for making awesome content for you to listen to. The production on this album is beyond amazing so it elevates it in a huge way. This is probably my favorite album that I have heard from Cash Lanksy so far reason being that its dope from start to finish. There is no filler at all every song on this album can become your favorite song just depends on what type of music you enjoy. If you have the same music taste as myself I have a pretty good feeling your going to enjoy this album. Once you listen to this album you will tell yourself "Royal Cortez was right." You can check out this album on Itunes and Spotify.