Perpetual Atlas Review

Last week Adobe House member Doni dropped a project titled Perpetual Atlas. I recently wrote about one of his songs ToBeContinued which Is off this tape. This 10 song tape has been one I been excited to hear since I came across his music earlier this year. If you are not familiar with Doni let me get you acquainted! If there is a artist you should be keeping tabs on he is the one.-Royal Cortez

When I first came across Doni's music It caught my attention right away because It has a melo vibe to It like the knicks player. Each song off this project is like a nugget of gold but he is based out of Tucson not Denver. Something that interested me heavy about this project is how it has some awesome features on this tape cats like Elias,Woodro, Regan, and Tullis shine. I came across this dudes music when the performers for the Tucson Hip Hop Festival were announced. Perpetual Atlas has a throwback type vibe. If you are a backpack rap fan you will be a huge fan of this project. This features on this tape all contribute and help Doni create a awesome project with a lot of replay value. He dropped a very dope tape that you can enjoy. The production on this tape has a darker laid back type energy think of Earl Sweatshirt's Chum or Hive. He assembled avengers to avenge his atlas cats like Jay Sosa,Collar John, & Perjury shine on the tracks that they are featured in. On this project he is a warrior in a golden state. Every time he drops new content his growth is evident. There is many different types of tracks on here with different types of vibes. One song that I enjoyed heavy is Pull up produced by bryZone_ybp because over all it is a fun track you can vibe out to. This is a project I enjoyed heavy because you can play it from beginning to end. What I thought was dope is how the songs play off each other it feels natural there is no filler songs. All these songs play a purpose and that is a bonus.

Favorite Song:

Moonshine (Feat.Elias) (Produced.HD)

My favorite song off this project would have to be Moonshine featuring Elias because its a masterpiece its like a Mona Lisa version of a rap song. Elias shines on this song with his vocals he has a dope singing style so seeing him link up with Doni for a collab is dope! This song goes by fast like the Flash and sadly its a short track but I wouldnt mind this song being 10 minutes. These artists styles meshed very good for this song, This track is a prime example of how good rnb and rap collabs are if executed correctly. Hopefully there is more tracks with both of these artists in the vault.