How I Came Across Culturas Diferentes

Its the 3rd day of Phat Cat Week & I will continue It by writing about a cat who caught my attention. My first time listening to Donny Kaii was at this years Tucson Hip Hop Festival. Since I became friends with wearebugginout leader Smash Lames he has been telling me "You have to get on The Rap Van" I was confused at first. My first thoughts were "What the hell Is a Rap Van?" Is It a van that raps? I asked myself. So when Phat Cat CEO Obesse 1 told me "Get on it were going to be on it at the festival. When I got on It honesty it was the dopest thing I have experienced so far! Tom from Headlock has a dope thing going on and I recommend you get on the rap van as well! I was volunteering at the festival so I couldn't check out that many performances but I knew I had to catch a Phat Cat set! I was not familiar with Donny Kai untill this set and I'm happy I was able to check out his set! I looked him up and found out he recently dropped a EP called Culturas Diferentes which means Different Cultures In English. -Royal Cortez

This EP was dropped on December 13th 2016. I listened to this tape the morning after the Tucson hip hop festival if you did not go you truly missed out! When I went on The Rap Van I was tired because I been standing and fixing wristbands all day long it Is way harder than it looks! Before I got on the van I said whats up to Tom and Obesse 1 aka D. I was tired but when I got on The Rap Van I felt a dope vibe. Everyone on The Van was vibing with Donny Kaii because the songs he was performing were dope! When I heard Cream I was convinced that this dude Is the truth! Donny Kaii's set was probably my favorite of the day. I saw many dope artists performed that day cats like Cash Lanksy,Sui Blue, & Marley B. I caught a few performances but my favorites were Probably Donny Kaii's and the other cats I just mentioned. This EP Is short 4 tracks but this whole project Is dope! There Is no weak link In this tape every song Is strong! If you take a listen I'm sure you will discover that any song off this project has the potential to be your favorite song! Phat Cat & DRXL Heights members Sam Rose & Toro Gold are featured on this project. Tata Sonni Is also featured on this dope tape. Donny Kaii Is gearing up to release a upcoming project titled "Vas Fasi" which means going through. Purpose of this tape is to represent going through phases or changes  He will drop that project in May. Luckily I was able to get Donny Kaii's insight for this piece. These following words are from him "Basically this project was supposed to be dropped around this time last year, It was going to be called "Almost" I felt the project lacked content & I wasn't feeling it as a whole." He also stated "Months passed, I continued to work on it & slowly I started to get an idea where I wanted to go take it, & with my luck I hit writers block close to finishing off the project." Donny Kaii also said "I took a break, I was able to build up enough verses for the project, I was also able to develop my voice and how I wanted to sound. During this time he was also learning and mastining his edits! He also said "Then I felt confident to where I wanted to drop Culturas Diferentes & see how people would react to a 4 track EP, it worked out in my favor because the EP itself racked up the views." "So basically from March 2016 to March 2017 I went through a phrase musically where I was able to change my whole perspective on the rap game & how I wanted to be percieved as artist." Donny Kaii also stated how not only he went through changes but his project did as well. He spoke on how many tracks and project names were trashed because he disliked them. "Then came the title vasFasi which I felt fits me as a person artist and this project." vasFasi drops In May

My Favorite track

Cream stood out to me heavy because overall It Is a awesome track! This song Is truly a anthem Its fun to listen to. The vibe I got from this song when I was listening to was rare It gave me goosebumps. If you are not aware Cream stands for Cash rules everything around me and it was made famous by Wu Tang. I suggest you check this track out because It Is a song I believe will make you get interested In this dope artist. Phat Cat & DRXL Heights member Sam Rose Is also featured on this song.