Interview with Obesse 1 Aka D

I was Introduced to Obesse 1 Aka D by Wearebugginout Head Honcho Smash Lames earlier this year when he was doing a promo run for the Tucson Hip Hop Festival. We started chopping it up about music and etc. He was telling me about how he had a label Called Phat Cat Records and conveniently he was wearing a Phat Cat Records shirt. He has a weekly radio show with Gonzo on 100.3 KPYT titled 24k Fridays. He usually interviews many dope local artists so I thought It was a good idea to Interview the Interview cat. If you are not familiar with this dude let me get you familiar with him! If you are not aware Its Phat Cat Week here on! -Royal Cortez

#1) How did you come up with the label name?

The Label Name Is actually an expansion on our OBESSE lifestyle brand, to live like a Phat Cat! So naturally PHAT CAT RECORDS was the next thing. OBESSE Is a way of thinking and living, by setting standards and breaking labels!!! We are living In efforts of becoming so big our movement will never be over looked. The goal Is to live life in excess, beyond our means.


#2) Who was the first artist You signed to your label? The would have to be Ricky Pablo+ formally known as Ricky the Dealer, at the time I believe he was going by Cinko lol


#3) Why did you sign him? At the time we met I was just in the beginning of creating the OBESSE brand, Ricky (“Cinko” at the Time) was one of the 1st truly born Tucson hip hop acts I came across. Both young, dumb, and no clear idea where we were headed, we just got each other. We initially were introduced through mutual friends, the first night we met I had just dropped like my second capsule of OBESSEclothing and Ricky was on his way to perform at Pueblo( both our alma mater) for a talent show, he asked let me rep a shirt and since then it’s been history.


#4) who Is the most recent artist you have signed?  The most recent artists I signed Is actually artists Donny Kaii and the rest of DRXL heights. (Toro Gold & Sam Rose). Also DanielDay1 is a newer member still under development.


#5) Any music Coming up? Actually lots! Ricky Pablo+ Debut album “For the Soul” is now available on all media sites such as itunes, Spotify, & Tidal (re-release). Donny Kaii is fresh off his Ep release “Culturas diferentes” and will be dropping his major project “Vas Fasi” May 2017. Carlos CAPITALs recently dropped his single “CHAMP” and his gearing up for more DRXL heights collaborative projects one of which is set to drop Friday march 24th (Blue 100s), probably out already if you’re reading this. Also expect another single drop from DRXL heights April 14th “No Conversations”. All this while my artist are continuing to write, work and collaborate. Leaks: Ricky Pablo+ already 3-4track in on personal project, full length DRXL heights project coming soon, and much more.


#6) How many artist are signed? Fully official Phat Cat records artist: Ricky Pablo+, Donny Kaii, Carlos CAPITALS (DRXL heights), Toro Gold (DRXL Heights), Sam ROSE (DRXL Heights)


#7) Which Is the order you signed them? PABLO+, Carlos Capitals, Donny Kaii, Toro Gold, & Sam Rose


#8) Can we expect a group tape from your Team? Most definitely! We actually have been talking about a group label Ep or something, ONCE I find a producer who I can really fuck with. Exclusive leak title is set to be “PHAT CAMP”.


#9) Your goal this year for my team? Just more growth, steady progression, solidify more projects and definitely start to tap into nearby states and cities (Southwest tour). 


#10) How long has your label been active? I believe it’s been around for about a year and a half.


#11) Favorite project which has been drooped so far? They are all my favorite. That’s like asking a parent of 5 which is your favorite kids, just can’t do it. I can definitely tell you that each new project gets me more excited. Each new project is smashing the old, they are continuing to grow as artist and individuals. Pushing each other, collaborating making new things, in their own ways. But with all that said I got to give Ricky Pablo+ “For Soul” an honorable mention. Reason being is it’s the 1st all original project I ever pushed. Both being young and naive to the game we have learned a lot from that initial release.


#12) Are you planning on making any additions to your rooster? Absolutely! There is always room for Hungry individuals in our camp. I have a few artists I been keeping tabs on and watching their moves (not dropping any names). So we will see only time will tell. PSA: if we are interested we will approach you!!!


#13) Is there any artist you can see being a part of your team? Anyone hungry not searching for a hand out! I’m really not one to drop names but for shits and gigs two individuals who I wouldn’t mind seeing on our team would be Sui Blue & Woodro. But personally I probably would never reach out due to them being their own power houses, they have their own brands and are doing hella good as is! But if this article catches their eyes email all inquiries to lol


#14) What are qualities you look for in your artists? Original hard working individuals! I’m really big on a Artist's over all vision, what are you trying to deliver? What is your big picture? I want creatives not just one sided individuals not willing to push boundaries. One thing I learned about this game early on is you got to be the “Jack of all trades” master of all, that attitude of only wanting to be dedicated to one craft is dead. I’m always looking for the underdogs standing out, the nobodies that no one has heard of, the artist being slept on for not having it all together, and the true diamonds in the rough. But at the end of the day hunger is #1, Individuals getting it without anyone showing them how. All my artist need to be financially sound from the start. Need to have them a solid 9-5pm or career, I always push education. Reason being is we are in it for the long run, we are an indie label so don’t expect to get rich by signing to us. This game takes dedication, sacrifice, and investment into your craft. So if you don’t have well enough means of income to invest into your own dream why should my label. 


#15) Any shows coming up? Always make sure to head over and follow the labels IG page @phatcatrecords , we are constantly looking for bookings, creating events, and being invited to events last minute so the best way to know of any upcoming Phat Cat shows is to stay glued to that IG page.


#16) Your artist recently dropped a project what’s the name of it?

Ricky Pablo+ “For the Soul” out now on iTunes and Google+ store.

                          “Local Only” EP on Soundcloud


                           “Word Smith” single on Sound Cloud

Donny Kaii “Culturas Diferentes” EP on sound Cloud

                “Vas Fasi” full length project set to drop May 2017


Carlos CAPITALS & DRXL heights SoundCloud 

“Champ” single out now on soundcloud

“Blue 100$” single out now

“No conversation” single out April 14th.



#17) Do you have any other things you do? A lot! I’m a graduate from the UofA with a BA in Psychology, I’m actually an education Counselor during the day, by night I run a hip hop show every Friday 5-7pm #24Kfridays. With the help of my childhood friend Eddie, we managed to bring back the Hip-hop programing on my tribe’s community network 100.3KPYT-LP. Make sure to tune in to Eddies Hip Hop Show every Wednesday 6-7pm 100.3 KPYT-LP. I am also owner and creator of OBESSE clothing (Spring/Summer 2017 Dropping soon), and a screen printer/embroidery contractor for Arizona Cottons (the best quality in TUCSON). Also last but not least CEO and manager of PHAT CAT Records. 


#18) Favorite thing you guys have done together as a team? That’s Easy THE RAP VAN!!!!! Was honestly one of the best times as a team we had, so much love at the TUCSON HIP HOP Festival it was insane. THANKS Smash Lames and Triceratops!!!