Dante Desperado Drops Danm Shame Visuals

Dante Desperado dropped a video directed by Yung Mac for a song called Danm Shame. Dante puts the Desperado In these visuals. I was not familiar with this artist Untill earlier this week when Wearebugginout head honcho Smash Lames sent me the link for this very music video I will be talking about. When I first pressed the play button I was Impressed with the production It gave me a desperado vibe. Desperado means a desperate or reckless man In english. If you have not watched this video yet let me tell you my thoughts when I first listened and watched Danm Shame which was directed by Yung Mac. -Royal Cortez

If you are sleeping on this cat Its a Danm Shame. While I was watching this video I was Impressed with the visuals everytime I see a new Yung Mac Visual he does not disappoint! Have you ever heard a song that Is good as hell and It goes by quick? This Is the type of song I just described. Danm Shame Is sadly a short track, honestly I would not mind this track being 4-5 minutes long. This song Is full of cool lines which boosts this song at the end. The hook for Danm Shame Is very dope and enjoyable to listen to. This Is the first track I have heard from this dude and I was impressed big time. Hopefully he will continue to drop music of this quality because It Is dope to hear this type of art from a Local artist. The future Is looking very bright for Dante Desperado, If you keep sleeping on him after this video Its a Danm Shame.