Scrape (Stream)

When I was listening to Scrape It caught my attention right away the vibe will catch your attention immediately. The beat for this song is so danm perfect and it matches perfectly with Shem Taylor's voice. This beat and his voice were made for each other like Carne Asada and Salsa.  Scrape is the single off his upcoming album Liars Will Be Silenced. This was my first time listening to any of his music but it definitely made me a fan & I'm very excited to hear what else he has in store. Shem Taylor used to be from a Hip Hop group called Tha KING & i. He is now a solo artist so it is exciting to see what he can do on his own and if this is a example of what he is capable of doing I'm hyped to see him drop more content.  -Royal Cortez

When Wearebugginout Head Honcho Smash Lames sent me this track, I was interested right away for 2 reasons. The first being I never heard his music before so I was excited to hear something new and because when I read his bio on soundcloud it said "Jesus Over Everything". The reason i was interested because of his bio is because I assumed He was a christian rapper and In my luck I haven't heard any christian rappers that stick out to me except Lecrae. So when I finished this song I had to add Shem Taylor into the list of Christian rappers that have actually stuck out to me because I have not heard any other Christian rappers with his style and that is impressive. Im very glad my big homie put me on this song because its truly epic. Shem Taylor is talking that stuff on Scrape and it is cool to see how it plays out. This song is for all types of people if you want to hear music you can just vibe to this is it. If you want to hear music with lines that you can sink into this is that type of song. Scrape is cinematic it is a song that you can picture in your mind. One line that stood out to me heavy is "We going to make mistakes along this narrow road." I feel like everyone could relate to that line to I enjoyed it heavy. I was digging that Lecrae line heavy because it was cool to see how he put it into this song.