Ricky Pablo Drops For The Soul

Phat Cat Records Ricky Pablo dropped For The Soul last week so I thought this was the appropriate piece to kick off Phat Cat Week. Not many people that I know are aware of this dope collective filled with dope Artists Like Ricky Pablo Carlos Capitals & Donny Kaii. So let me get you acquainted with these awesome local spitters by bringing you pieces about them all week long! Ricky Pablo dropped this dope 10 track project last week so let me bless you with this piece about why you should check it out and why I enjoyed it. -Royal Cortez

I found out about this project while I was scrolling down Instagram I saw that Ricky Pablo & Phat Cat Records posted this so I checked it out. This is a dope 10 track tape It Is very enjoyable and I'm sure you will enjoy it as well because It Is very diverse at has songs for different types of people. This tape was originally released a year ago but it was re-released last week. I didn't hear it when It first dropped I checked It out when It was re-released last week. This project shows Ricky's growth as an artist. He give's you his all in this project no gimmicks just straight soul so you can see how he Is still pushing and growing.  If you are a girl or guy who enjoys more slow type songs Rollin is the song for you It Is catchy and has a oldies type production. This project's production was handled very well and like the title says this project is For The Soul. This awesome offering was Executive produced by Roody Call. If you enjoy more hype songs that are groovier than cars from the 50s Obesse (10 Deep) Is the song for you. If you are Into catchy anthems The City Is the song for you because It Is a song that you can vibe out to It has dope lines & dope production. The hook for The City Is flames It Is enjoyable to hear and I want to see Ricky Pablo perform It live. Every track in this tape plays a purpose which is to give you some awesome vibes. May 19th (Outro) Is a perfect ending for this project which gives you many different vibes. Mission Los Angeles Is also a dope track you should check out It Is a awesome track off a awesome project. Roody Call delivers soulful production on Mission Los Angeles. My favorite track off this project Is Obesse (10 Deep). Roody Call Adam Adelatif & Heavy Production all contributed in this project with some dope production. You can check this project out on Itunes Spotify and Soundcloud. 

Stand Out Songs. 

The City (prod. Roody Call & Adam Adelatif)

One of my favorite songs off this project Is The City produced by Roody Call & Adam Adelatif. This song caught my attention because the production was dope and Ricky's bars shine on Roody Call & Adam Adelatif's production. This Is a song that everybody could appreciate and listen to. The city Is not just a song that people just from Tucson can bump because this track can be a anthem. If you like dope bars over awesome beats I suggest you check this track out. "I cant fuck with these out of towners coming to my city & they trying to out us" Is a sentiment that many people share so it is dope to see someone speak on it. 

Obesse (10 Deep) (Prod.Roody Call)

Ricky's potential Is Obesse like Obesse 1's clothing line. Something that I appreciate about this song Is hes speaking his mind on this and that is a huge bonus because he doesn't care If anyone gets offended. Lines like "Fuck your opinion I'm just trying to stay true" " We aint make any moves unless everyone is going to eat!" make you appreciate this song because Its lyrics we can all relate to. Hes speaking that ish on this song and I believe that will ultimately make you appreciate it even more.