DRXL Heights drop Blue 100s

The 2nd act I will write about for Phat Cat week Is Phat Cat Record's Collective DRXL Heights. They dropped a song last week titled BLUE 100s produced by a awesome producer that goes by the name DJ Q. This song stood out to me because everything about this track is so smooth from the production to the delivery to the lyrics. BLUE 100s will show you why you should Spell Carlos in Capitals. Toro adds plenty of gold in this track. In a few years Sam will be able to tell a story how Phat Cat Records Rose! It It is dope to see Carlos Capitals link with DJ Q for a 2nd time. This is the 2nd track That Carlos Capitals and DJ Q link up for the first being Champ which Is also a dope record you should check out. This song is off a upcoming DRXL Heights project! -Royal Cortez

DRXL Heights Is a group of 3 local artists who go by the names of Carlos Capitals Sam Rose & Toro Gold. Blue 100s Is a single off a upcoming DRXL Heights project! I've heard a few songs by Carlos Capitals In the past but this track Is probably my favorite out of the songs Ive heard so far. I Enjoyed everything about this gem the production the vibe & the lyrics. DJ Q continues to shine & impress me every time I hear a new track with his production I am left In awe. Blue 100s is a very laid back tune, I have a feeling east coast fans will appreciate this gem more. Something I enjoyed about this song Is how natural it was. The lyrics came out smooth & do not sound forced at all. I would have to agree with them because this track is truly a masterpiece! If you are close to me you know I am a huge fan of the production that DRXL Heights are rapping over. This song Is full of quoteable lyrics which is another bonus for this song! "Phat Cats do the most to keep It alive!" was a line that stood out to me. They even fit In a shout out to their Phat Cat teammate Donny Kaii. Something that earned this song a huge bonus for this song Is how they are basically talking to the listener & that ultimately makes the song better! "What do I need a whip for when I have wings that lift me up!" Is a line that made me make a stank face. Blue 100s Is a track you can vibe out to. This track has a lot of replay value & that Is awesome. Their punchlines are also very enjoyable "Im not from Kansas but I know where the chiefs stay at." was a dope line. All 3 members of DRXL Heights shine on this song. If you are not familiar with this group I suggest you get acquainted. With each new song they drop they continue to grow as indiviual artists and as a collective. If you are looking into getting familiar with local collectives Phat Cat Records is a team you should check out and DXRL Heights are a major reason why you should check them out. All 3 of these artists are dope Mcs and their styles mesh perfectly. I am excited to hear their upcoming ep and so should you.