Rilla Mack drops video for Rackz In Tha Mattress

Its dope to see artists drop videos for awesome tracks so let me get you familiar with the name Rilla Mack. He dropped this video 2 days ago on March 16th. This was my first time listening to his music & I was impressed to see how well this video was done. It was simple but the visuals fit perfectly with the song. This is my first piece on Rilla Mack so I'm going to make this one extra special and add as much detail as I can so you can get interested in checking out this video. -Royal Cortez

I truly believe this song can become an anthem for all the people who can vibe to this song. This video for Rackz in Tha Mattress gives me a west coast vibe everything from the video to the way he dresses even the cool car with the dope rims in the background. It is really cool to see a modern artist being able to make this type of rap in this modern day. Something that seperates this dude from other artists who make similar music is this dude isn't just making noise he has a strong pen game & you can tell with all the dope lines he manages to fit in. I'm someone who appreciates lines that stick out that will make me make a stank face. "They Pop like confetti"  "They chop like machetes" "Money longer than a train"  Were 3 lines that made me make a stank face. The hook for this track is really catchy & that is a huge bonus. This is a song that in mind was designed to be played at house parties. Everyone that knows me knows that I love songs with dope lines this song is full of that. I have a lot of friends who love these type of songs and you probably do as well so I suggest you put them on to this song so it can become their anthem. West Coast fans would especially enjoy this track, If you know people who love The Game,Dr Dre,Xzibit, and etc I have a good feeling they would love this song. I'm sure they will appreciate it how modern artists are making music that they love. NewGen filmworks shot this awesome video. I am excited to see what Rilla Mack has in store for us this year.