NorCal Nick drops I Like That

A artist I been following for a good second Is the homie From Norcal. When I started writing for wearebugginout I knew he was an artist I was going to eventually going to write about. This is a artist who I been a fan of for what seems like forever so let me get you acquainted to a MC who I have a good feeling you will enjoy. Diversity is a great quality for a artist to have and this dude is diffidently some one whose middle name can be diverse NorCal Diverse Nick does not have a bad ring to it. His ability to craft awesome records ultimately makes his art twice as amazing. -Royal Cortez 

My first thoughts when i heard this song is the song title and I'm not talking about saying the title I'm talking about "I like that shit". I enjoyed this song so much I love the production it is so god danm smooth. I Like, That is so danm clean it could be a crime. If making clean records was a crime this artist would be serving a life sentence. This track is smoother than my pickup lines and that is truly saying something but in all seriousness I highly recommend you check this song out. The production to this song is beautiful but don't get it wrong this is not that Female "My friend is ugly but I'm going to tell her different to boost her self esteem" type beautiful. This is that Scarlet Johansson type beautiful. This is a jewel that has its own vibe and that will make you appreciate this song 100 times more. Something I enjoy heavy about his music is that it has his own sound you wont hear any other artist with Nicks sound and that Is amazing in my eyes. He is the first artist that I Actually chopped it up with he was telling me the importance of developing a sound so its cool to see how he continues to build and use a sound which is a unique.  I like, That is produced by Cabu and he crafted a awesome beat. This artist is a great songwriter so his lyrics come out so well and his music is relateable which is clearly a huge bonus. He is a very consistent rapper he drops gems at a really good rate & this is his most recent song. He dropped this golden work of art last week so make sure you check it out and see for yourself why I enjoy this amazing track so much. This song has a really cool hook I appreciate how his lyrics have that story telling type vibe. After you finish this song you will tell yourself I, Like That.