Doni drops ToBeContinued visuals

Adobe House member Doni drops a visual for a track called ToBeContinued off his upcoming tape Perpetual Atlas which also drops this friday. I Will be talking about what I enjoyed in this video and share my thoughts with you. He was one of 60 rappers that performed at this years Tucson Hip Hop Festival. I haven't had the chance to write about his music yet so I thought it was a good time to pop some cherries with this piece. -Royal Cortez

This video is a gem when I first watched this video I instantly thought "Danm this video is flames." I feel the vibe of this song heavy its dark mellow but smooth. Even though the length of this track is short it is sweet. In my opinion I think its better because even though it is short it keeps your attention the whole time. When i was watching this video It reminded me alot of Capital Steez's Free the robots visuals not music wise but visual wise. This was the perfect track to drop because it gives people who are not familiar with his music a taste and gets them interested in hearing more of his music. This song is produced by South.Vibe who is a producer from Argentina, he shines on the production his beat making style is really tight. This beat reminds me heavy of something that MF Doom would rap on. Xeromutx is the dude that directed this video. Perpetual Atlas will be dropping this Friday so i recommend you check that out this tape will also be Doni's 2nd tape. If you did not have the chance to check him out at the festival he will be performing this Saturday at the Gldn Party.