2nd Edition of Cortez's Song of the week on SpeakerboxX

This Is the 2nd edition of my collaboration with SpeakerboxX titled Cortez's Song of the week. If you were not able to tune In this past Sunday I will post a link to the song I chose. I'm proud to be able to work with the dope hosts of SpeakerboxX. In this segment because I'm happy to be able to choose a song that I enjoy and which I believe you will enjoy as well. I will be providing awesome music to you and I will try to write interesting pieces for you so you can understand why I chose these songs as my favorites of the week. -Royal Cortez

For the 2nd edition of "Cortez's song of the week" I chose Beautiful Solitude by Joey Jewish. This week I've been learning how to appreciate solitude and he showed me that being in solitude is truly beautiful. We are so caught up In hanging out with people or looking for love that we forget how beautiful and peaceful solitude Is. When you think of solitude you think of sadness but honestly you should not. When I was growing up I separated myself from others because I appreciated being able to zone out into my thoughts without being interrupted by others. Many people especially women believe they need to be with someone to be happy but that mindset is honestly dumb because most of the time it is better to be alone then with someone who is not good for you. Something I love about music is soul and this track is full of it. Beautiful Solitude was produced by Mantra and he shines on the production he creates a beautiful beat to go with his solitude. The reason I chose this song is simple because I related to it and it helped me appreciate being in solitude. I have no doubt in my mind that this song will be able to help you appreciate solitude like it helped me. Ever since Trix from The Kxnnedys put me on to this track it has been in heavy rotation. I love this songs energy and I have a good feeling you will as well. This song shares the same name with the album this song is on. This song made me a fan,  I am excited to hear what else he has in store and so should you. 2 Weeks from now marks a year that he Dropped Beautiful solitude so I thought it was a appropriate time to get this song played. I wasn't writing for wearebugginout when this album dropped but now I am so i wanted to write about this & I saw the perfect opportunity in my song of the week on SpeakerboxX.  S/o to VRIV X Drezz for playing my song of the week make sure you guys tune into 99.1 this sunday at 1pm