Rhymesight Drops Broke & Dedicated 2:The Hunger

RhymeSight Is a rapper/producer from Denver Colorado. I been following his music since he dropped Broke & Dedicated the first edition In this ongoing series. This is one of the first few artists outside of Tucson that I have talked about. Im beyond excited for you to read this new piece and become acquainted with a awesome artist outside of T town. When I began writing for wearebugginout My focus was on putting out pieces about all type of music Local Independent and National artists. I've largely written about Local Tucson artists so let me get you aquainted with this dope Native American reigning from the Mile high city -Royal Cortez

 Broke & Dedicated 2: The Hunger

The Mile high city Mc dropped this album on March 1rst. I been waiting for the rapper known as Rhymesight to drop a follow up Broke & Dedicated so when he announced this album I was excited to hear it! Something I enjoy about this artist Is that his style is smooth and Its entertaining. Even though he Is young he rhymes with ease and seeing such a young artist put out music of quality Is inspiring to see. His latest offering has 11 tracks for you to vibe to. You can listen to this album from start to finish and that makes this project 5 times better! Once you hear Broke & Dedicated 2 you will become excited to see such a young artist deliver a great project. This artist is one of the most versatile young artists you will hear. I appreciate how hes not just doing one style he does a ton of styles which makes him even more predictable. Even though he is from Denver Colorado he is a member of Grand Rapids Michigan group Foot Clan. Some of my favorite songs on this album Dead Broke, Living In AmeriKKKa, &  Back up In This. He delivers a lot of cool songs on this album bangers and those songs that showcase his ability as a MC. If you are someone that asks me for recommendations on music I highly suggest you check out this project. He also produces on this album under his producer moniker Superb Sounds.

Standout Tracks: Dead Broke, Living In AmeriKKKa, &  Back up In This.