My experience at the Its more than the music work shop & more.

Have you ever been to a hip hop workshop? If you have not it is mos def something that you should go check out. I appreciate how the homies over at Vinsanitty productions & Kypt 100.3 put on something that can help out many young artists looking for some guidance and how to handle things. If you are looking into gaining more knowledge about music works I highly recommend you check one of these work shops out! I got the chance to chop it up with Vincent Maldonado AKA Skinny Black he was telling me how he is trying to have a workshop in the city. This piece will be talking about why these type of workshops are crucial in the building of future artists in our city so they know how to handle themselves. This piece will also be talking about who won the prize of a interview with EDs hip hop show & a set for a future Vinsanitty productions event -Royal Cortez. 


Reasons why you should go to these type of events

1.) To build connections.

A major reason you should go to a work shop Is to build connections with people who are also attending these events. Something that many young people sleep on is the significance of meeting new people. Many people go to this type of events rappers producers djs engineers radio hosts promoters pretty much everybody! Many young people including myself slept on how important it was to build connections. These people could help you a lot by giving you exposure if you are willing to work as well! You can get exposure by working with new artists you just worked. You can also get exposure by doing shows that are put on by promoters that you met through these type of events. Do not take lightly what these people can do for you! 

2.) To gain wisdom from people who know what they are talking about.

Another reason you should be going to these type of events is to gain wisdom from people who are successful at what they do. It is good to hear what older peers have to say because they enlighten you in many aspects that we don't have much knowledge in. Many older artists if they are cool are willing to answer questions that will help you on the log run. SImple things by asking them for advice can be a big advantage because they can put you on game. I'm in a lucky position being that I have someone I can ask questions to but many other young heads do not have a Smash Lames. So if you are one of these artists I highly recommend you go to these type of events so you can gain wisdom from older peers who know what they are doing. 

3.) To learn something new

You should go to a hip hop workshop just to learn something new. The its more than music work shop had some enlightening workshops which included speakers talking about how to write music mix and make beats. There was also workshops on how to be a professional artist & learning the business of music. You can use all the things you learn with your personal music so you can be successful as well. 


Cash Lanksy-

For those who do not know who this awesome artist let me put you on game. Cash Lansky is one of Tucson's dopest artist so it is dope to see that he participated in this event. I attended Rip Dee's panel at the Tucson hip hop festival & something that stood out to me is when we said the phrase "We are only as strong as our weakest link." So it amazing to see that one of Tucson's strongest acts took time out of his busy schedule to help mold the future of the city. I sadly missed when he talked but I'm sure it was something not to miss. The Gldn Artist group MC is gearing up the release of his new album The Cool Table he will be having a release party at club congress with one of the dopest line ups.


This cat is the person who talked about beat making mixing & more. I appreciate how Illmindstate took time out of his day to talk about something that many young artists like myself have so many questions about. Many artists want to learn how to make beats so we can rap on our own production to save money on the prices of exclusives or leases if you do not have a big budget. Beat making is a beautiful art that should not be slept on without the producer we are nothing because they are the ones that create the production for us to make our art. If you want to learn how to make beats I highly recommend you go to a workshop.

Gabriel Ayala-

This artist is a native guitarist who is a member of the Yaqui people of southern Arizona. Hes made a career of performing classical music. I was reading his bio earlier this week on his website he has performed in different cities in the US so If you get to talk to him it would be wise to ask him how it is performing in a different city. It would be smart to ask him how he prepares himself for events like this so you can see the process of how to get ready for a show. 


At this work shop there was 3 performances from Young Jaws Skinny Black & Hideout The MC.

Skinny Black

Vinsanitty Production's Skinny Black is the man that put this awesome event together. After chopping it up with him he was telling he wants to do more workshops. I highly recommend you go! He performed a cool accapella which he talked about what was going through his mind and I felt that the content went very well with what is going on the in the country right now. Keep look an eye out for this cat because he has some awesome things planned. 

Young Jaws:

This performer won the build up your buzz contest. He will be going on a 19 city tour this year so he is mos def someone you should be looking out for this year. It was dope seeing someone who won such a cool contest because it is a great opportunity to go on a tour through 19 cities! Once that occurs i see a bright future for this artist who will build a name for himself.  

HideOut The MC:

The 3rd performer is Hideout the MC. Hideout is a chill artist who is very laid back i believe he will grow into a pretty cool artist if he keeps working. This was my first time seeing him perform and he did not disappoint.  

The 3rd performer is Hideout the MC. Hideout is a chill artist who is very laid back i believe he will grow into a pretty cool artist if he keeps working. This was my first time seeing him perform and he did not disappoint.  


The winner of the cypher was promised a radio interview and a chance to perform at a future Vinsanitty productions. Many people participated in this cypher Exquisite R3D Hideout the MC Xavier Medina & they even got me to participate in this. The winner of this cypher will get a interview at Kypt 100.3 today at 6 pm. The winner of the cypher is a artist i been writing about he is someone who is ready to do awesome things this year. The winner of this cypher is R3D. 

I want to S/o the speakers performers & Vinsanitty productions for putting together a awesome event. I also want to shout out Eds hip hop show over at kypt 100.3 for participating in this amazing event. 

ILLMindstate ED Skinny Black & Gabriel Ayala. 

Here is a picture of myself having a little fun in a very hot room. 

Here is a picture of myself having a little fun in a very hot room.