R3D's Different Attitude (Stream)

Do you ever feel fed up with something and get angry at yourself? Do ever tell yourself thats it Im fed up? If you ever feel like your attitude, your perspective, or your point of view needs to change? Many times we go through times which make us get frustrated and want to take things in a different approach. Something that motivates change is music certain songs when you listen to them you get motivated by the lyrics vibe and energy of the track. 20 year old artist R3D is delivering a visual to the type of track i described. -Royal Cortez

R3D - Different Attitude 

If you are fed up with something and you keep on telling your self "I need to do something different" or "I need to think different" this is the song to help inspire that change. Most of the times when we think different is when we are usually fed up angry or irritated. Different attitude produced by Melori is a different vibe from a artist with a very different attitude. This can be seen from people as Anakin Skywalker turning to the darkside or Hulk Hogan turning heel when he formed the N.W.O. but in reality its a metaphor showing a catapiller's transformation into a butterfly. Thing is when you have a different attitude its a good transformation because it is not good to stay the same. Something that i really enjoyed about this video is how the visuals gives a different vibe or energy to this track. Something i noticed about the the background is that how on some of the scenes there is a noticeably lighter side and darker side. This a good anthem to bump when your attitude is going through a transformation. This track is fun to listen to and watch. I like how some of the shows have angles looking down on him and looking up to him. The way i interpreted it is i basically thought alright so the video is basically telling me that people use to look down on him but now that his attitude has changed they will be looking up to him. Something i really enjoy about this artist is his energy and vibe. Another thing i enjoy about him is his ability to create dope songs which are relateable. This is the first video he has dropped in 2017 which will hopefully be the beginning of much more continent from a very dope artist. R3D will hopefully follow up with a project this year & I am confident he will. R3D was one of 5 artists that i wrote about in a earlier talking about 5 artists from Tucson who i believe will be doing dope things this year. You can check out that previous article at http://www.wearebugginout.com/blog/2017/1/20/5-tucson-artists-you-should-look-out-for-in-2017.