Marley B is on a streak hotter than ghost peppers.

Marley B Mondays in full effect.

Something that I really appreciate from a artist is consistency. That is one of my favorite qualities in a artist. Marley B is doing something dope by dropping dope track after dope track on Mondays. Many artists have had days like this. Artists like Kanye had his Good Fridays to support in my opinion one of his best album in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Gldn Artist Group's Marley B is releasing dope music for his fans to enjoy while he drops a new project. If you are looking to get into more Tucson Hip Hop Marley B is one of the first artists you should check out because his consistency is amazing. He Dropped a album in 2016 titled Grow which you should defiently go check out. I will be talking about the last 2 tracks that he has dropped.  -Royal Cortez  

Never Again (Prod.24/7)


Do you ever have those days when you tell yourself never again? Most of the times when we tell ourselves this phrase its usually filled with regret or anger. This is a dope track that lets this dope Tucson Artists vent about how "Never Again". If you are feeling a certain way about something that you never want to do again this is a track you will be able to relate to. The production on this track is handled very well. 24/7 kills the production on this track beat is laid back chill and relaxing. Marley B serves his fans and with every new track he drops he gets them addicted. The best type of songs are the ones that have a vibe and energy you can bump a infinite amount of times. This is a good song to listen to when you have a hang over and you are thinking to yourself "Never again". Get behind this dope Tucson Artist and check out what he has in store on Mondays. 

Dealing With (Prod.OTM)


Dealin With is awesome track that is very addicting! If you are looking for new music to listen to this is a track that should be at the top of your list. I really enjoyed this track because it is relateable because we deal with a lot and most of the time we use music to deal with what whatever we are dealing with. This track has a really dope vibe which everyone can enjoy. If you are asking your self "Why should I Go to the Tucson Hip Hop Festival?" this artist is one of the reasons why you should go. Something i enjoy about Marley B is his ability to drop quality tracks. The production is real smooth I don't really know how to describe the production but it is mos def different. Its that "Oooou I never heard something like this but I like it." different. Marley B is probably one of the most consistent artist in Tucson. Mondays are usually the day where the week begins and is when we are all like "danm Im not ready for this". So why not start your mondays off by listening to what Marley B is serving! The Tucson native is blessing us with heaters. He will be performing at the Tucson Hip Hop Festival this Saturday.

Marley B