Lonely Road (Stream)

If you are feeling lonely and you are looking for a song to comfort you this track is the perfect song for you. Many of us will feel lonely & use music as a medicine to make us feel better this is a really dope song that will help you feel less alone. If you ever ask god to help you dont just listen to this track and it will help you -Royal Cortez

Lonely Road was my introduction to Hesus & I am really glad it was because this is a awesome track. This music video is very dope but what sticks out to me the most is the singing and rapping because it is something that many of us can relate to. The reason many of us can relate to this track is because we all have felt lonely at one point. Hesus traveling on the road by his lonely is really dope reason being is it shows you that he is walking down this road alone. I enjoyed this song a lot because it is relateable and everybody can connect to this song! This artist is painting a picture of asking god to help him when he is lonely and lost. I feel like that is a very good reason many people will enjoy this track like I did.