Pan Dulce (Stream) a tribute to J Dilla

Pan Dulce

Do you ever think about what would it sound like if J Dilla ate Pan dulce and made a beat or even a album about it? He already has an album called Donuts so Pan Dulce would be welcomed. Listen to this kick back and enjoy the vibe. Let it touch your soul like it touched mine. -Royal Cortez



This beat is a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest producers of all time in J Dilla. It is dope seeing Dilla's influence in one of Tucson's own. When i first heard this the influence was obvious! Pan dulce is a well chosen name for a tribute to a amazing producer who actually named his 2nd studio album Donuts. This is a well crafted work of art which is very nice to hear. The sample this producer used is very chill and gives me a cool laid back vibe. Those traits are the very same 2 things that made me fall in love with J Dilla's music. J Dilla is known for sampling in his production so when this producer used a sample in this tribute it had me sold. The reason he had me sold on the sample is not just because J Dilla is known for that but because of how smooth he executed it.