Midnite Musashi review

Halloween is one of the funnest days of the year for all ages. It is exciting for the youth to dress up so they could become what they wish. That could be heroes,villains,aliens,zombies, & even princesses. It also allows others showcase some of their halloween inspired gear. Take Karl Anthony Towns' for example he wore some wicked Jason Vorhees basketball shoes. Others like LeBron James & Isaiah Thomas became Penny wise from IT & Eazy E. I have noticed All saints' eve has become a favorite day among artists to drop music.

One of the projects that caught my attention this Halloween was Midnite Musashi. Malick Mcfly the creator of this masterpiece impressed me. He is someone who I have heard a lot of praise about. It's natural that I show him the love he deserves. I hope to put him in the spotlight so he can become more recognized. If he continues to drop content like this Malick Mcfly will become a regular on We Are Buggin Out. This short ep contains many tracks that did not make the final cut for his upcoming album. -Royal Cortez


Malick Mcfly kicks off his new EP with the self produced Paranoid. It helps set the mood for the rest of the listening experience. This sensei showcases his best traits by reminding us why he's on the rise. He will have other rappers reenact scenes from Jaws to help cure their paranoia. I enjoyed this track a lot it solidified him to my ears. His music has always been fantastic but this ep put him in a new lane. From the first song I have heard till this very moment it's incredible. His growth has been wonderful to witness.

A halloween project is not the same without a slasher nod. Mcfly decides to pay homage to a underrated killer in Leatherface. I believe this is a reference of how he sees himself. It's a good comparison considering both are under looked. It will help show listeners why he's the one that they should be following! This is easily one of the best songs on this EP. Jordan 1ne completely annihilated the production. The beat has that dark aura which makes rap heads like me die. You will pass away and come back to life like a walker!

Anthraxxx is that record you play when you flex on the ones who doubted! When you create music many will throw shade. They will clown on your passion because you have the balls to pursue it. Most of the time those very same losers are scared of chasing their dreams! Don't ever let their shade get you down. What surprised me the most is how well it flowed together. This is a stand out that positioned Midnite Musashi as a recent favorite of mine.

His latest ep put him in the position to win. He built up much needed excitement for his upcoming project. If these tracks are throw aways I'm hyped to hear the album. I have high expectations for him in the future. If he continues dropping material like this I see him becoming a regular on the blog. The world is truly in his hands. He has two options carry it or drop it. His momentum is boiling and I am sure he will deliver the goods.

Favorite song:

Hate Me Now (Prod.Jordan 1ne) I have always been a fan of records that put this attitude on display. I have one question for you which will open your eyes! Why do you care what others think or say about you? Don't ever judge yourself over a irrelevant opinion. The only thing that matters is that you love yourself. Hate me now is actually pretty empowering. It basically welcomes those unhappy souls to try to leech your happiness. All this went into making Hate me now my favorite song off his latest release.

Rating:4 crowns

Midnite Musashi is a outstanding offering which succeeded in separating Malick Mcfly from the rest. It luckily became one of my favorite projects I have heard recently! Once I realized that I had to rate it 4 crowns. He has a excellent ear for beats. That contributed in boosting the quality of this ep. His potential is on full display with this release. Young Mcfly created a good variety of vibes while transitioning smoothly. He continues the sound of this ep very nicely while keeping things fresh. Every track assisted in showcasing his best qualities. If this is your first time listening to him I am sure you'll be impressed. Many who haven't heard his name before will surely remember it after hearing Midnite Musashi. Most importantly it builds anticipation for his upcoming album Child of the atom.