Terrific 3 The Westside Gunn edition

Earlier this year I became a fan of the fly god himself Westside Gunn. I stumbled across his THERE'S GOD THEN THERE'S FLYGOD PRAISE BOTH album on Soundcloud. I fell in love with the dark gritty beats and his execution. After hearing it I had to do my research there was no other thing I could do but that. I listened to every single song I could find. I was hooked every single track delivered. The scary thing I took notice of is that after every listen it got even better! The Buffalo, NY native has taken over my playlist with his godly estilo.

Earlier this year Eminem signed Westside Gunn & his brother Conway The Machine to a distribution deal. The brothers are the first rappers from Buffalo to get a major distribution deal. Last week he introduced the new faces of Shady Records which included himself,Conway ,Boogie, and Benny. Sadly he was not able to lay a verse so I wanted to pay homage by covering 3 of my favorite songs from him. -Royal Cortez 



One of my favorite songs from The Fly god is off the album I talked about in the intro. When I first listened to this track I thought the intro was an ad. It was a late night I was tired and digging for new music when I mistaked the intro for an ad. Soundcloud regularly plays ads which is what led me to believe it was an ad. The moment I realized it wasn't a advertisement is when I started hearing the sample talking about designer. So when this tune kept playing he attacked like a dog protecting his owner. I was caught off guard with his grimey style which turned me into a fan. He did not hold back which helped make a impression on me. I'm a fan of dark styles with breath taking production. Westside Gunn made me visualize every single line he spit. It left me in awe how I did not come across his music sooner. If I ever made a mistake It would be not finding out about him sooner. DARINGER killed the production he is someone who made me remember his name. He contributed big time in making this song a favorite of mine. 



Another song I adore from the fly god is a more recent offering. Gorilla Monsoon is a single off Westside Gunn & Doom's upcoming collaborative album Westsidedoom. GM was released last month which helped feed my Griselda Records addiction. Daringer handled the production which helped give it that dark energy that I love. The fly god and him work very well together which I have noticed by listening to many of his songs. Their chemistry basically guarantees good music. Every time he produces for him he delievers. It has become a habit for me to listen to the records that Daringer produced because they have so much replay value. Hearing WSG & Doom on the same record was magical. It's basically the musical equivalent of seeing your favorite shows cross over. 


Hall & Nash (Feat.Conway) (Prod.Daringer)

The brothers rap together under the moniker of Hall Nā€™ Nash. The Outsiders use to be one of the best professional wrestling duos in the 90s. The former WCW & WWE wrestlers are one of the most influential teams in history. So it makes sense that the brothers create music under this name. I'm a big fan of their wrestler titled songs reason being they never disappoint. This track is no different. Their chemistry is on full display like a billboard. You see it from miles away which is something you appreciate. Daringer's beautiful production helped you get invested into this tune. The samples through out this tune helped make Hall & Nash cinematic. The punchlines do not disappoint be prepared to make a "Oooooh shit" face. The way they bounced off each other made me appreciate duos a lot more. Hall & Nash is a prime reason why they got their distribution deal. Their music deserves to be heard by the masses.

Westside Gunn is a wonderful creative who is finally getting the love he deserves. This man is a monster his art is out of this world. When you think of good music he will come to mind once you become familiar with his name. The Fly god will leave a lasting impression with his ear for beats. His flow helps you picture every single line which is outstanding. I believe he will become one of your favorite artists if you allow him the chance to enter your playlist. He has a great year so far and this is just the start. He feeds the hip hop heads with his gritty production,style,lines, and execution.