My 5 favorite Tucson projects that dropped in 2016.

      My name is Royal Cortez. I am a 18 year old artist, who will start writing for I want to provide interesting content that revolves around local, independent & national hip hop. I will be putting a spotlight on talented artists who i feel deserve more recognition. I have choosing to write about my favorite 5 albums that dropped last year.

These albums are not in order, this article is just about my 5 favorite albums last year.

1.)The Kxnnedy's - Any Late Requests

Coming out of Tucson strong in 2016 is Any Late Requests by one of my favorite Local Duos The Kxnnedys. This 7 Track tape is full of amazing songs which have a good amount of exciting energy & more mellow songs like Down, Lost Girl, & Before i wake which even the playing field. This tape is fun to listen to you it brings dope lines which can impress the casual hip hop fan & even artists themselves. The Production on this tape is stellar producers Kajmir Royale, Brilliance, & Lexi Banks truly shine on this tape. 
Most songs on this tape have no features, but the single track that does features one of Arizona's best Artists is Vee The Rula.
This tape is full of fun lines, dope flows & makes you proud of these artists for representing Tucson with the high quality of their music.
2016 was a good year for Millz & Trix hopefully they can follow it up with another strong tape in 2017. If You take a listen to their Previous tape "As Requested" you can defiently see these artists growth & it makes you get anticipated for their next project! 
Stand out tracks: Whole Squad (Feat.Vee The Rula),Find Me, & Movin.

2.) Jae Tilt - Product Of 93

Another tape that is one of my favorites to come out of Tucson in 2016 is Jae Tilt's Product of 93. This tape is a fun reminder that Tucson breeds amazing art. Jae shows that he is a very talented artists who is a high quality mc who cares about creating art for people to consume. This is personally one of my favorite tapes that dropped last year because the production is very smooth, its fun to listen to, & there is many songs that fans of underground music can enjoy. This tape is like a time machine when you listen to this tape it makes you feel like your back in the 90s but with a modern twist to it. If this project was released in the 90s it would not feel out of place if you listen to albums released in the early 90s this tape make you feel nostalgic. One of my favorite things about Product of 93 you can listen to it from start to finish, music lovers can appreciate this tape because it is enjoyable music with unlimited replay value.
Stand Out Tracks:Faces In The Sky,Malice, & Birds n Bees

Jae Tilt will continue his momentum in 2017 off him joining Gldn Artist Group


3.) Lando Chill - For Mark Your Son

This is one of my favorite albums to drop in 2016 because it is a beautifully constructed album by one of Tucson's most talented artist. This album is one of the best that dropped in 2016 because the way Lando created it, Each song plays a part in being a piece in a bigger puzzle. This project shows you why Lando Chill he is signed to Mello Music Group. There is many songs on this album that many people could relate to which is one of the best qualities a album can have. An album that you can replay for ever because when you listen to "For Mark Your Son" you can relate to the situations Lando Chill is speaking about in his content. The talented mc delivers in the best way relateable & enjoyable music. From start to finish full of amazing songs which will get you emotionally involved with songs like rock love, find a way, & save me. The talented artist blended beautiful lyrics with good production. Lando Chill is a hard working artist who also dropped the Mandera Canyon ep later in the year of 2016.
Standout tracks: Standout Tracks- Rock Love,Floating To NoWhere, & Gospel Of The Chill

Lando will continue to provide quality new music under Mello Music Group in 2017.

4.) Cash Lansky - S.E.E. 

Another project i consider one of my favorites to drop in 2016 is S.E.E. by Gldn artist group's Cash Lansky. There is many reasons why i consider this tape one of my favorites many like the quality of the music, production, energy, & the lyrics. Something i love about this tape is that all the songs off this project have so much replay value. Something that fans need is a timeless tape & i feel like this tape for me is a project that has that because the music is timeless it does not have an expiration date. You can listen to S.E.E. in 5 years, 10 years and that is what its so great about this project. Jet Taylor also shines on the production side by contributing awesome beats for Cash to create his art.

Cash Lansky will continue to provide quality music for the city in 2017.

5) AV & Cisco - Truth Be Told

This was one of my favorite tapes mostly because of the energy i recieved when i listened to this tape. It is a fun tape to listen to the production is modern but interesting Cisco truly shined on this tape because of his beats. I Enjoyed listening to this tape because it is fun to cruise to & party. This tape has many features from Many talented artists like Tommy Will, EZ Goin, Stev Martin & Self Explain.

This tape is short but very enjoyable. Hopefully In 2017 AV will continue to drop quality music.

- Royal Cortez