EPiC NORLAN - Flexxin (feat. Chem) - Stream

This article is about some new content from a dope artist from Tucson. He is bringing you this new track that is fun and very contagious. These are the type of songs you can vibe,party, and smoke too. Something i want to do is show case a lot of dope artists who deserve more love! This dude only has 32 Followers on soundcloud that is outrageous! This quality of music deserves way more followers and i am proud to present this piece to you! This is the type of music you deserve! -Royal Cortez

1.) Flexin 

This song that i am going to talk about is Flexin. This track is a perfect anthem its a song you can play in any given situation! You can play it when your eating, walking, running, lifting weights, and cruising. I love the energy this track gives me its addicting and energetic. This is a great start for this dope artist to continue to drop this type of quality music. This track will get you hype. I am sure he is going to continue to release music on the same level of this great track.