My 5 favorite Projects that dropped outside of Tucson, Arizona in 2016

       This specific article is me putting you on 5 awesome projects that i really enjoyed. All 5 of these albums were dropped by Artists outside of Tucson AZ. These are projects that you will listen to & be like "this kid has some really good music taste". I want to provide enjoyable content that you can digest & forget the labels "Local" "Independent" & etc. Forget about those labels & appreciate the music regardless of how big the artist is. Im going to be giving you good music, music to enjoy so some of you can stop saying "there is no good music now a days". When matter of fact there is plenty of great not just good music now a days. - Royal Cortez

Reppa Ton - Thriii

Richmond Virginia's Reppa Ton added another dope album to his amazing body of work. The talented MC/Producer delivered a album with a lot of Replay value. Thriii is a album that you can listen to & get lost in the lyricism. Each song contributes to add another piece to the puzzle for the Richmond native who is determined to drop quality music. This album represents Rep as a talented wordsmith, who knows how to make qualitym music which makes you asks yourself "why haven't i heard his music before?" The Richmond Native delivered a very impressive album with amazing production that makes the album even more fun to listen to. This is a fun album which shows the growth of a young artist. This album represents Rep ready to take the next step in his bright career. This is the 3rd album that he has dropped. He will continue to drop amazing music & he proceeds to move to L.A. for a change of scenery. Reppa Ton had a impressive 2016, which included a small stop in Tucson for The Trilogy Tour.

Standout Songs: Young Goldie,Glass Heart, Survior's Guilt.

Supa Soop - AWOL

AWOL is one of my favorite projects to drop outside of Tucson Arizona because it has the perfect balance of songs that are deep & songs that get you hype! This album is one of the most enjoyable albums i heard last year in the way that the production, energy, flows, & everything else is very fun to listen to. Supa Soop did a great job in crafting this album the structure is really impressive. I was very impressed by how Soop balanced this album. Something you should know about Supa Soop is he is not just a rapper, he is also a soldier so when you hear My Country produced by Craddy Music it makes you appreciate him not just as a talented artist but also as soldier. If you are going through a transition changes is a great song to listen to off this album. Soop had a good 2016 music wise with the addition of AWOL to his catalog, in 2017 he will continue to drop quality music for hip hop fans.

Standout Tracks : My Country, Pray, & Changes. 

MC Gels - Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls is one of my favorite albums to drop outside of Tucson Arizona in the way that this truly has a amazing energy to it. The Bronx MC formed a album that would fit in the golden age of hip hop. MC Gels crafted a album with some fun boom bap production. This young talented artist dropped a very fun enjoyable album which could have been played in a 90's house party. This album will literally will take you back to 1994 when you hear the Chief Rugged produced Back To 94.  Wandering Souls has few features but one of the dopest songs on this album Dreams features Samura Lore & the very talented Arizona emcee that goes by MC Shinobi. The production meshes perfectly with Gels voice. This talented wordsmith gives you MCish tracks like Wen i Attack, The stick up,  Da Funkee Man.  He also gives you songs that every person can relate to like Dreams & Keep your head up. MC Gels shines on this album & he will continue to grow with each project he drops. 2017 is looking very bright for the MC from Bronx, New York.

Standout Songs: The Stick Up, Dreams, & Websters Ave.

Vee The Rula - From The Jump 

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One of my favorite albums to drop in 2016 outside of Tucson is From The Jump by Phoenix Artist Vee The Rula. I love the energy when i hear this tape it has a very good energy its fun to listen to. The production on this tape adds a canvas for he to paint his vision & to create his art so music lovers can appreciate the quality of this tape. He gives us many fun songs to get hype to like  Out the roof, Wheels up, & Yea i kno. This tape shows this artist's diversity there is a lot of hype songs but also songs that you can connect to on a emotional level. Songs like Closure,Coldest winter, & Free Fall let you connect on that emotional level. This talented artist had a great 2016 he also dropped a dope EP by the name of Level Up. Vee's Future looks even brighter with each tape he drops. In 2017 he will continue his streak of dropping dope projects that hip hop fans will certainely enjoy.

Standout Songs: Out the roof, Wheels Up & the Kid Ink featured Gang.

RT - Time

A album i really enjoyed is Time which stands for "This Is Me Everyday". The talented MC currently residing in Richmond Virginia dropped a really awesome album which contains plenty of enjoyable tracks. Songs like Mama Said,Work, & The cycle. Roger Tyler Also known as RT showcases his ear for great production. The production on this album adds a interesting spice to this recipe. One of my favorite songs off this album is Ex featuring Kevin Jaxon produced by Constrobuzz, it is a song that you will listen to if you are in your feels, this track will help you move on from a ex or get you stuck in your feelings you choose your poison. This project is RT's 5th album & it is a great addition to this talented MC's catalog. A song that stood out to be a lot was Mama Said produced by Radiio, this song is structured really well it sticks out to you right away the beat has a very cool vibe with the addition of the talented wordsmith shining on this standout track. RT had a good 2016 with the addition of Time to his growing catalog.

Standout Songs: Mama Said, Walk In my Shoes, & Work.